Collide Crashes and Burns

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Collide is based on the premise of “how far would you go for someone you love?” A good idea for an action film, however it wasn’t executed correctly.

Photo by Grace Hull Courtesy of .rogerebert

Starring Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones, this seemed like an action-packed, edge of your seat movie, when in reality, it was severely underwhelming. The movie takes place in Germany, where Casey (Hoult) and Juliette (Jones) meet and instantly fall in love. However, there’s a catch. Juliette discovers that she is in need of medical operation, but doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Casey goes to the extreme for her, and embarks on a dangerous drug heist in order to obtain a large sum of money.

Photo by Grace Hull Courtesy of mozinezo

Basically, this whole movie was a mess. Collide was not at all as thrilling as it claimed it would be. The movie’s plot line was almost too predictable, which made the movie uninteresting and left me excited for the movie to end. There were countless car chase scenes that seemed never ending, and made up way too much of the movie.

Although I realize it is a fictional film, it was so unrealistic that many aspects that occurred were unbelievable. The main character was shot at thousands of times, yet miraculously he was never hit. The multiple car crashes left Casey with barely a scratch. Much like the car crashes, Collide crashed and burned.

The film was shot in Germany, which was a beautiful background visual. There were countless different high-quality cars all throughout the movie. The cars created a more luxury feel for the whole movie. While these elements of the movie weren’t enough to make this film memorable, they definitely made it easier to watch.  

The only things that saved Collide from being a complete flop were Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. Both actors are talented and successful, playing their parts extremely well. Kingsley’s character, Geran, added humor and lightheartedness in moments that were more intense. Kingsley was almost unrecognizable in this movie, with lavish fur coats and German accent.

Hopkins’ role was, Hagen, the villain, which he perfectly portrayed. As Hopkins has had major experience playing a villain (The Silence of the Lambs) this role was perfect for him. Both of these characters were vital towards the film, as they added the most entertainment value. 

The only reason I would suggest seeing Collide is if you love cars and truly enjoy action movies. While this was not the best action movie out there, it definitely wasn’t the worst. If you are an action movie fan, then Collide might be for you. Personally, I would say don’t waste your money, wait for the DVD.