Check Out the Art Mural

Patrick Hanlon

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Along the front of the campus near the 5000 building, the Arts programs have decorated a beautiful wall.

Sage Creek High School’s visual arts department is undertaking a large multimedia mural project. Students and teachers alike saw the construction sound barrier that erupted in front of the 5000 building as a canvas for artistic expression.

Megan Herrick, the Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair, described the project as “Exciting!” as the scale of the project took her by surprise.

“It is much more challenging than I had thought,” Herrick said, referring to managing the students at work.

The three types of visual arts classes offered on campus are collaborating to create a cohesive work of art that combines the theme of “Our Ever Changing World” and “Our Changing Seas.”  Considering that they have a large space to occupy, the mural was split up into three walls:  landscape, space, and cartoon.

The landscape wall takes on an impressionistic style and the space wall features a massive space squid and the death star. The cartoon section, located in front of the theater room, will have cartoon characters from shows that many students grew up watching.

Ceramics is taking on the challenge as well by creating sculptures that resemble coral for the “Our Changing Seas” theme. They are then going to mount their pieces to the wall on the lower part of the sound barrier. The class drew inspiration from artist and ocean advocate Courtney Mattison, a well known artist from San Francisco.

Photography’s inspiration to the wall stems from the students themselves. More specifically, their contribution takes the form of large prints of students’ eyes.

“[The class hopes to portray] the individuality of each and every student at Sage Creek,” senior and photography class member, Shae Gebert said.

As the construction beyond the wall proceeds, the art, ceramics, and photography students continue to work on the mural.

“After all the hard work we have put in, I am excited to see the finished product!” senior Juliette Evans said.