SCHS Art Program Brings Art to the Community

Beau Prince

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The Art program hosts a paint drive at Sage Creek High School.

The first annual Paint Night fundraiser marks a new tradition for the Visual and Performing arts program at Sage Creek.

In what will become an annual event, members of the community were invited to attend a guided painting class, hosted by art Teachers Megan Herrick and Cathryn Burroughs. The goal of the night was to raise funds for the Visual and Performing Arts department. All of the proceeds from each ticket went to the Sage Creek Foundation.

“[Each ticket] includes the canvas, the paint, all the materials, some snacks, and really the experience,” Herrick said. “People will be able to see what it’s like to be in one of our classrooms and then go home with an original work of art.”

Each year, the art teachers decide on a certain subject for participants to paint. While such a painting may sound daunting to those who are not artistically inclined, Mrs. Burroughs stressed that, with the art teacher’s guidance, students will have the opportunity to be successful.

“It’s a very simple step-by-step process… Mrs. Herrick and I will be helping each individual person to be successful,” Burroughs said.

At the first annual Paint Night Fundraiser this past Friday at the Dove Library, members of the community were assisted in painting a sunflower with a Vincent Van Gogh-inspired background.

“[The night] was a huge success,” Burroughs said. “It was really, really fun and everyone was happy with it.”

Tickets for the fundraiser were nearly sold out, filling the seats in the Dove Library to capacity. The result was 30 unique paintings from everyone who attended. Given the success of the night, the art department has plans to expand the fundraiser for future years.

“We’re going to have two [Paint Nights] next year. One is going to be in the fall…and we’re going to have another one around Mother’s Day,” Burroughs said. “It was really fun and successful, and everyone wanted to do it again.”