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Gabi Larsen

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From Trump rescinding Obama’s anti-discrimination policy against transgender kids to public schools taking measures to protect undocumented students, here is all you need to know this week.

Trump Reneges Protection of Transgender Kids

Trump and his administration rescinded Obama’s anti-discrimination policy for transgender kids. Despite Obama’s administration ordering schools to allow their students to choose a restroom which corresponds with their gender identity, Trump retracted the policy.

Photo by Angela Prvulovic Courtesy of National Educational Association

NASA Discovers Habitable Planets

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope accounts the “first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star.” It is possible that “seven of the planets could have liquid water” and have the “right atmospheric conditions” for inhabiting. Three of the seven have the highest chances of habitation.

Photo by Angela Prvulovic Courtesy of NASA

Former Mexican President Warns the United States

Former Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, advised, “[do not] take Mexico for granted.” Calderon touched on sharing intelligence, narco-traffic, organized crime, and other components of America’s relationship with Mexico. He concluded by promising, “[If] we don’t see a more cooperative attitude coming from the American government, we don’t need to cooperate.”

Photo by Angela Prvulovic Courtesy of Medio Tiempo

US Public Schools Plan to Protect Undocumented Students

Districts ranging from Pennsylvania to California plan to assuage the uncertainty filling immigrant communities over Trump administration orders for mass detentions and deportations. The Chicago Board of Education asserted their allegiance to providing a “safe and welcoming teaching environment” for students.

White House Bars News Media from News Briefs

News publications― CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Politico, and Buzzfeed―  were blocked from televising the White House Q-and-A session held by White House press secretary, Sean Spicer. Both CNN and Times objected to this action. “[The news media is] the enemy of the people because they have no sources. They just make them up when there are none,” Trump declared.

Photo by Angela Prvulovic Courtesy of Deseret News

Iraq Takes Back Mosul Airport

Iraqi government reclaims the airport at Mosul in an operation to push ISIS from the city. Forces also planned to take retake western parts of Mosul as well.


Photo by Angela Prvulovic Courtesy of BBC