Hoopcoming was a Successful Launch

Kylie Valency

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Space-themed events all throughout perhaps the most jam-packed week this year led up to one culminating event… the Hoopcoming dance. Preceded by a week of spirit featuring five spirit days, two basketball games, and a pep rally, the dance had an atmosphere that left ASB members and attendees starry-eyed.

“I thought [hoopcoming] was way better [than last year] purely because of the amount of people that came to this one,” Megan Bomgardner, a senior member of ASB, said, “I think there were 630 tickets sold [this year] as opposed to last year’s 400 or 500 tickets.”

ASB member Duncan Kelley, a junior, feels that the ticket sales were at an all-time high due to the theme.

“I think the [space] theme really worked well all throughout the week, the game, and the dance,” Kelley emphasized, “The sheer numbers show just the amount of participation and spirit out there, which was awesome.”

The attire of the dance was semi formal ranging from girls mainly wearing black and removing their heels to dance the night away. The guys favored white button up shirts with a tie or bowtie.

Among the guys in white, sophomore, Tyler Brown attended his first Sage Creek dance, Hoopcoming, after moving to California early in the year from Colorado.

“It was fun, but there wasn’t much variety in the music,” Brown commented, “It was also a lot bigger than all the dances I went to in Colorado.”

With many more Hoopcoming dances to come, something new is always around the corner.

“Maybe [this year’s theme] will affect the peer originality for all the other themes to come for Hoopcoming,” Bomgardner noted, “I mean we have come a long way since we started.”