Everything is Still Awesome in The Lego Batman Movie


While The Lego Batman Movie is not as developed as The Lego Movie, it’s still awesome!

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Writer

After the huge success (and Oscar snub) from The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. Pictures returns to the Lego universe with The Lego Batman Movie. The Lego Batman Movie stars the talented voices from Will Arnett, Michael Cera and Zach Galifianakis and brings a whole new dimension to the Lego Universe. Is it better than The Lego Movie? Let’s find out.

The Lego Batman Movie tells the story of Batman (voiced by Arnett) fighting crime and looking slick while doing it in Gotham City. When not being a vigilante, Batman is very lonely and has a huge fear of being part of a family again. When he adopts a orphan named Dick Grayson (voiced by Cera), he must learn the true meaning of being a hero and defeat the cruel and evil Joker (voiced by Galifianakis).

The film is very entertaining and absolutely hilarious. Humor is very present, fluent, and natural; plus it doesn’t interfere with the main focus of the film. The animation is very well done, and looks beautiful on the big screen. I highly recommend moviegoers watch this in the 3-D format to get the best movie experience possible.

Arnett’s performance as Batman was the best aspect of the entire film. He brings us a more humorous and comedic Batman, which works brilliantly in the context of this film. His character has moments in the film where the audience can relate and feel for him, even if he is just a little Lego figure.

Even though the film has a plethora of positives, it does have one negative that stands out. The negative aspect is that the other characters in the film are not very well-developed. Barbara Gordon (voiced by Rosario Dawson) and Alfred (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) were very basic characters and don’t have well-developed backgrounds or roles. However, for a film that deals with Legos and imagination, there shouldn’t be much character development anyways.

The Lego Batman Movie, as a whole, is a really solidly-built film (get it, because it’s a film about Legos). It has great voice acting from Arnett, a fantastic sense of humor and beautiful animation. Even though The Lego Movie (in my opinion) is a better film, everything is still fun, lighthearted and hilarious in this film with the caped crusader.