Tailgate Takes Over

Sam Kane

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Tailgate Takes Over

The Hoopcoming Parade and Cosmic Carnival were cancelled and replaced by the Hoopcoming Tailgate. This decision was made by ASB as a result of several factors, such as funding and the construction currently happening on campus.

The usual parade was cancelled because of construction and was supposed to be replaced by the “Cosmic Carnival.”

“We decided to cancel the parade because obviously there is a lot of construction and other things in the way, and we couldn’t pull off the carnival because of legality issues with financing that didn’t allow us to potentially have a carnival. So, we opted for the tailgate because most of the things we had planned fit more with a tailgate rather than a carnival,” ASB director Mr. Danny Kung explained.

This decision was met with much controversy from students, mainly because many of them were unaware at first that tailgate would replace the other events. Students were under the impression that there was going to be no events at all before the game.

“I didn’t really like the parade last year and I think the tailgate will be cool,” sophomore Danny Rubin said.

Whichever option they choose to go with, it seems that many students aren’t very particular and think there is more to look forward to.

“People keep complaining about how we don’t have the carnival or whatever, but it doesn’t really matter because the game and dance are the fun part,” sophomore Harrison Logan said.

However, the Carnival may happen next year, and as Sage Creek grows the events will get bigger in scope, perhaps even to the magnitude of Carlsbad High School’s “Lancer Day.”

In the future, the carnival may still be an option for the culminating Hoopcoming pre-game event.

“That’s to be determined by ASB and the leadership team next year whether or not they would like to take that on,” Mr. Kung said.