2016 Celebrity Deaths

Jacob McKibben

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January 12, 2018

A year of love, hate, memes, and a lot of surprising deaths; this is the year 2016. There were a total of 170 notable celebrity deaths(according to WGNTV.com) in the past year.

From legendary athletes of Arnold Palmer, a golfing legend, and Muhammad Ali, one of the best boxers ever, to musicians that will be forever remembered in David Bowie and Prince. Bowie, was known as an innovator to the world of music. Prince, known for his incredible album Purple Rain, was an artist who was lost to an opioid overdose.

Some of these deaths were unexpected from future baseball star Jose Fernandez dying in a boating accident, the accident involved suspected alcohol, to upcoming singer Christina Grimmie killed after a concert in Orlando. Grimmie was a singing star who started her career on youtube then going on to winning the voice. These two had yet to reach age 25.

Entertainers leave impacts on the lives of most. A few of the incredible TV and movie stars that people will forever remember include Gene Wilder, the star of “Willy Wonka,”, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, both died in a span of 48 hours. Carrie Fisher was known for playing Princess Leia in the film series Star Wars.

Most of these people’s deaths were a complete surprise, and a tragic time for movie and television lovers when it occurred. Carrie Fisher, died of cardiac arrest, after a sickening flight home from London. Her mom, Debbie Reynolds died of a severe stroke, only a day after her daughter died of a heart attack.