Who’s That Man?

Kung Pow Charlie

Jake McAllister

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You’ve most likely seen him cruising the campus or through your windshield while he’s directing the massive traffic jams that we have at Sage Creek. Charlie Grant has been one of Sage Creek’s campus supervisor for four years. He watched as our school grew in numbers and in experience. He has seen the best and the worst of kids at Sage Creek, and he’s had to deal with some of best and most impatient drivers while directing the traffic flow.

Grant has built relationships and connections with not only his fellow staff, but with the students that he’s supervised, and has seen and talked to on a daily basis. However, how well do you really know Charlie Grant? 

A former student of Carlsbad High School, Grant starred as the school’s varsity running-back in his junior and senior years, and learned a lot from the ultimate team sport before graduating in 1991.

“My Junior year we weren’t very good, I think we were 2-8. But senior year, we were 7-2-1 and we were the first Carlsbad High School football team in 20 years to make it out of the playoffs…so that was fun,” Grant recalled.

His passion for football led him to becoming an assistant coach for the CHS football team. He coached for three years while learning a lot about coaching as a whole. Grant’s leadership abilities flourished. He discovered his love and passion to be around kids, to try and help them be at their very best at whatever they might be doing.

After coaching at CHS, he decided that he needed a change, and he chose to come to a brand new high school, Sage Creek. Fast forward four and here he is, walking around at lunch with a smile from ear to ear and always willing to help.

“I love this place, the environment, the students, the staff, it’s a great place. The kids make it special, especially to see the seniors now when year one [with] 300 students all freshmen, to see you guys grow up, it’s really special. It’s really fun,” Grant reflected.

After four years of working at Sage, Grant has made his horizon even broader. He is the head instructor at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Studio in Oceanside. Reining for 13 years, he has climbed his way up the rankings and is now a Black Belt. He built this program and not only trains his pupils, but also participates in matches. Grant works with kids ranging from 3-years-old to 15-years-old and adults as old as late 60’s.

“It’s fun, I love just helping people progress and learn and get better, faster, stronger,” Grant said.

But that’s not all he does outside of school. Grant is also a coach for the girls’ varsity softball team at Sage Creek. Grant never played baseball while growing up, but his desire to teach and coach drew him to the softball team.

“I got to admit, I think a combination of being on campus, knowing the girls on the team, and then trying something new…it was the funnest coaching experience I’ve ever had in my life,” Grant said.

From playing football at Carlsbad High, coaching football in his former stomping grounds, joining the staff at Sage, and being a head instructor of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, Charlie Grant has put his teaching and leadership abilities on display. His passion and desire to help people around him in all different ways means a lot to the students of Sage Creek. The kids that have got the pleasure to get to know him and grow with him throughout their time here at Sage Creek really appreciate him and all the time he has dedicated to our community and our school.