Sinkhole Bogs Down Sage Creek Sports

Elijah Kinnell

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November 14, 2016

After a few weeks worth of what California can consider a heavy downpour, Sage Creek’s main athletic field has been experiencing sinkholes and slight flooding due to settlement, deterioration, and drainage issues below ground.

In the south side of the field, a tiny sink hole has clearly emerged on top the turf, alongside many puddles scattered across the field. The sinkhole has been causing delays and relocations of Sage Creeks sports events, such as practices and games.

With the speculation that the rain is the culprit of these issues, Mr. Lord has taken action towards fixing the ongoing issue. It was decided that services will be coming to fix the situation in a week or so, depending on future weather conditions.

“We are having a company come and pull up the whole field to inspect it due to some areas being lower than others and why the field isn’t draining as a whole,” Lord explained.

For the time being, all sports events are being held at Army Navy Academy until further action is taken.  So watch your step the next time you’re walking through the field, you might trip.