The Emoji Movie is Linking With Current Events

Rachel Murphy, Copy Editor

There´s been Toy Story, Cars, and even Sausage Party. Now, another movie has been made about modern components that many people use; emojis.

The Emoji Movie, directed by Tony Leondis, will take the audience through the world beneath the smartphone surface, and present the everyday lives of emojis. We’ll discover how they spend their time while they are itching to be chosen by the phone user. I remember seeing a movie titled Inside Out, that had the same basic concept that the creators are currently promoting.

Based on the teaser trailers being aired at this time, the film seems to be a dull endeavor to create the Pixar films based on inanimate objects that we all know and love. As I said earlier, the film looks very similar to the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out, as I am assuming from the current trailers which are introducing each emoji and how they feel.

I have read through the plot, which features the main character Gene, a multi expressional emoji, will attempt to change himself and be “normal” just like the other emojis. Personally, I think the description hints that the movie may mention struggles of LGBTQ people who have trouble accepting or knowing who they are. Just as closeted LGBTQ citizens try to convince themselves that they are one sexuality, gender, etc., Gene is trying to be “normal” so he does not qualify as an outsider.

All in all, I do not have high hopes for the movie. My first impression of it is that it is a super lazy attempt at a kids movie, ridiculously similar to already existing movies focusing on inanimate objects. Who knows, maybe the film will surprise moviegoers and carry a meaningful message, but so far it looks to be another poorly planned out children´s film.