A New League for Sage Creek

Sports Editor, Drake Benner

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A New League for Sage Creek

Sage Creek has forever been a changing school, from its number of students, to the campus itself. Not even the athletics is set in stone. This year the league Sage Creek and other local schools play in has changed. We as a school moved from the Avocado league to… the Avocado West.

There was not much of a change but nonetheless there was a change. Before the effects could be talked about, we need to know who is in and who is out. The schools El Camino, Rancho Bueno Vista, and Vista have been dropped and moved to a different league and their replacements are Torrey Pines, San Dieguito Academy, and Canyon Crest Academy.

Now let’s look at how this might affect the Sage Creek teams, baseball and basketball more specifically.

Torrey Pines: No doubt, this powerhouse is one of the strongest teams joining the league. They have a long record of breeding amazing athletes and the moola to give them the means to get better. This team is the replacement of the equally strong Vista for baseball and El Camino in basketball. Vista has been tough to beat but never too far behind. In both basketball and baseball, Vista ranked second in the league standings. The baseball team almost took a win from them in three close games ( 2-1, 3-2, 4-2), while the basketball team made it close in one of their two games (49-45, 63-41).

Torrey Pines had an amazing season last year for basketball, finishing 10-0 in the Palomar league with teams like Poway, RB, and incomer CCA to compete against. I expect Torrey to come away with this league but not unscathed. I give our bobcats a fighting chance. On the other hand, in baseball, Torrey went 8-7 which is pretty good considering they went up against the strongest teams on the west RB and Poway. They have a few USC commits that drive their team to wins but Sage has proven them to be beatable in the past. Torrey has had similar scores with Sage when playing against teams like Carlsbad and CCA.  I predict that the title for league will lay between Sage or Torrey. Both teams have a strong senior class.

I cannot forget to mention the enormous and nearly invincible track and field teams that Torrey has. Their arsenal is full of great athletes that Sage is going to have to fight neck and neck to stay with them. I am sure we can get a group up to their caliber, shoutout to our men’s 4×4, but the rest of our team may have a little more work cut out for them to get the W.

Canyon Crest Academy: If Torrey Pines’ baseball is the top school entering our league, Canyon Crest Academy is at the bottom. They were in the same league as Torrey but did not match their amazing record. Actually very short of that ,with a record of 4-11. They have not played many teams that Sage has played so it is difficult to tell where they are at up against us. They have pulled off a few upsets like against Torrey Pines, so they may have something up their sleeves that Sage baseball needs to look out for.

In basketball they are in the middle of the pack in the Palomar league, while last year Sage Creek was dead last. I think CCA will take a higher ranking than Sage but I do believe sage could take a win from them at least once. I’m sure both sides will be looking for a tough win. 

San Dieguito Academy: SDA is coming from the Avocado east league so they are the ones with no familiar friends at the party. Not a lot can be said about these guys. I am sure at any level and in any sport Sage Creek has the will power and abilities to beat them. 
Go Bobcats!