Stranding Audiences With Lingering Information

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Hideo Kojima
Promo art for the video game “Death Stranding”

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, and CEO of Kojima Productions, released a new trailer on December 3 at the Playstation Experience 2016 event for his upcoming thriller video game, “Death Stranding.” The trailer was spectacular and revealed that Mexican film director, Guillermo del Toro, and Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, will have something to do with the story. 

Junior Brandon Styve believed that the trailer was fascinating as well, but he also thought that it lacked many answers. Hence, he is looking forward to finding out more about Norman Reedus rather than Del Toro and Mikkelsen.

“I was super excited that there was a new trailer for [this game]. I thought there would be more answers to questions, but there were more questions this time,” said Styve.

The trailer also brought countless questions about the plot of the game. Although no one really knows what it will be about, critics and fans have speculations that there will be a rivalry between Mikkelsen’s character and Reedus’s character.

“If you look at the first and the second trailer you can see that there are some parallels, like when the baby disappears from Norman Reedus’  character’s hands [and] reappears in the artificial womb that Guillermo del Toro’s character has,” said Styve. He also mentioned that “there seems to be a rivalry between Reedus’s character and Mikkelsen’s character as well.”

There were also other fans that created many theories about the characters and the game itself. According to, a Reddit user commented that “[He] believed that our actor friends – Mads, Reedus, and Del Toro – are all people from our world who found their way into purgatory/ limbo, one way or another. The technology – Reedus’ and Toro’s handcuffs, the baby-chamber, this all serves to allow living creatures to transcend the planes of existence and enter the afterlife.”

Georges Biard
Mads Mikkelsen at the Cannes Film Festival

Overall, the trailer was great because it gave us an idea of who the characters will be and what role they will play, and it also continued with many theories and speculations that fans all over the world had. But the trailer didn’t tell us anything about what the plot will be about which left everyone with a simple question. What did I just watch?

We know that this will be Kojima’s first stand-alone video game, so maybe he is trying to make this one a special one by making everything so suspenseful.

Whatever happens, in God we trust that Kojima can produce a fantastic game hopefully for this upcoming year.
Click here for the full “Death Stranding” trailer.