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The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

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The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

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SSSniperwolf Allegedly “Doxxed” Jacksfilms: What Happened and What it Means

Photo By Austin Jew
Jacksfilms post to respond to the post SSSniperwolf posted on Instagram. Jacksfilms is a creator who has 4.94 million subscribers and has been allegedly doxxed.

On Oct. 14, 2023, a content creator with 34 million subscribers went to another creator’s house and shared their personal address with all of her Instagram followers without consent. This action is called doxxing.

Popular YouTuber Alia Shelesh, aka “SSSniperwolf,” has previously been under fire from viewers and other channels because her reactive content is considered “stealing.” The reason behind the accusation is largely due to her typical tendency to use others’ content in a non-transformative manner while also failing to credit the original creators.

One such creator to criticize and critique SSSniperwolf has been John Patrick Douglass, known as “Jacksfilms.” 

Though her true intentions are uncertain, SSSniperwolf doxxed and threatened the safety of another’s private property; this action is illegal. Jacksfilms was streaming at the time when he

SSSniperwolf’s poll on Instagram asks her followers whether or not she should visit Jacksfilms. SSSniperwolf has 5.6 million Instagram followers. (Austin Jew)

was informed of his address being leaked out to the public. When he found out, he immediately responded with how the incident impacted him.

“Creepy, gross, violating,” Jacksfilms said. “What you do is disgusting. You steal content AND stalk youtubers.”

SSSniperwolf would then proceed to delete the exposing Instagram post and release a new one to defend her stance as well as blame Jacksfilms for the incident.

“This creep has been harassing me for months then playing victim saying I threatened him when I just wanted to talk to him,” SSSniperwolf said. “I have no ill intentions. It’s so sad when people have to constantly create drama to pay their bills.”

Multiple other people spoke out on the occasion to discuss the morality of both SSSniperwolf and what YouTube should be doing to change this – providing their stance on the situation. One such person would be Jacksfilms’ wife, Erin Breslin.

“Tonight sssniperwolf came to my home, posted it on her Instagram for all to see, and tried to instigate a confrontation,” Breslin said in multiple posts. “I now have to worry about what she, as one of [YouTube’s] favored ‘creators’” “…may do to harm me or my family.”

YouTube, despite responding to other comments concerning their official terms and service on doxxing and threatening, initially failed to make an official response.

Sage Creek High School Junior William Lee explains his understanding of YouTube as a company and their questionable decisions.

“I understand that YouTube is a company and that they need to make money,” Lee said. “However, they also need to uphold an image of professionalism and uphold their terms.”

On Oct. 20, 2023, YouTube responded to the claims.

“Confirming SSSniperWolf has received a temporary monetization suspension per Creator Responsibility policies,” YouTube said. “Off-platform actions that put others’ personal safety at risk harm our community & the behavior on both sides isn’t what we want on YT.”


Many viewers, who were there to witness the previous events, spoke out against YouTube’s standpoint on picking favorites, describing how since some smaller creators have received harsh punishments, SSSniperwolf should be given similar consequences. The comments on the post were also concerned about how YouTube stated that Jacksfilms had similar questionable “behavior” to SSSniperwolf when they said “both sides.”

Popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye criticizes YouTube’s comparison of doxxing and criticism and says they were the same.

SSSniperwolf’s YouTube channel has consisted of reaction videos since the start of her channel. She has over 34.1 million subscribers and is one of the most popular creators on the platform. (Austin Jew)

“Wait… both sides?” Jacksepticeye said. “Criticism and parody are not the same as doxxing.”

SSSniperwolf also wrote out an apology to Jacksfilms after YouTube confirmed her temporary demonetization.

“I’m sorry to Jacksfilm, YouTube, the entire creator community, and my incredible fans for not being a better example for appropriate conflict resolution,” SSSniperwolf said. “Jacksfilms, while we certainly don’t see eye to eye and have our differences, I am sorry for reacting the way I did when I should’ve taken the opportunity to show young creators how adults and professionals resolve conflict by communicating directly, respectfully, and privately; not for views or content, but a meaningful example of how conflict should be solved.”

Other smaller situations have popped up after the fact regarding the monetization of SSSniperwolf’s second channel as well as SSSniperwolf reuploading her older content to her alternate channels to avoid the ban. Both situations have since been resolved.

As the situation keeps on developing, the validity of YouTube as a platform as well as the validity of SSSniperwolf is being questioned by many other creators as well as fans. 

A Sage Creek student who also is a YouTuber, who wishes to remain anonymous, says his thoughts on staying on YouTube and who he believes to blame.

“The [SSSniperwolf] situation feels more like a case of [SSSniperwolf] being the issue rather than YouTube,” he said. “YouTube for most people, including me, won’t be any different. Although as a punishment I do believe [SSSniperwolf] was let off the hook.”

Doxxing isn’t something to take lightly as people’s lives can be put at severe risk. As many – including Sage Creek students – aspire to become content creators in the future, it’s important to acknowledge that many dangers towards the creators themselves, including illegal actions such as doxxing, may be prominent. 

One can only be uncertain about the future of YouTube creators as well as the platform itself as to whether or not large creators will face fair consequences in the future.


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    Succinct and informative! Love the perspective from student content creators.