Is an ASB Sticker Worth It?

Emily Hood, Staff Writer

Every year before school starts students come to Sage Creek to pick up their books, schedules, purchase yearbooks, and so much more. The Associated Student Body sells many things that students can purchase such as spirit wear and the different types of yearbook models that are available. One of their biggest seller is the ASB sticker. ASB stickers are sixty dollars, yet they give you discounts to dances, sport games, and often a percentage off of some restaurants. Since the ASB sticker is so expensive, is it really worth to pay money on top of buying yearbooks and all that jazz?

Some would say yes, because it gives ASB money to be able to put on more fun events. However, the other section of students who did not buy the sticker might say it’s too expensive and unnecessary. I think that buying the ASB sticker is very much worth it because you get a significant amount off special occasions. I also believe that purchasing the ASB sticker is worth it because it does give ASB more money to give Sage Creek the experience that every high school student should have, such as dances, music at our sport games, and all the fun activities here at Sage.

All of our assemblies and rallies are hosted and paid for by ASB, also our activities at lunch. Thanks to people purchasing the ASB sticker our school has the opportunity to live the Bobcat experience. Yes, it is rather expensive to purchase the sticker but don’t you think it is worth it? I mean, without buying the sticker we do not have the chance to have our DJs at our dances, getting food such as Kona Ice, and even our pep rallies. In reality buying an ASB sticker really is worth it in the long run.