Sage Creek Celebrates Genius Project Forum Day 2023

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  • The Sage Creek academic mall is filled with students and Genius Project stands during the extended break. Notably, seniors displayed their progress and final products.

  • Genius Project coordinator Shannon Alberts passes out name tag lanyards to presenting juniors. Alberts led the busy day on Thursday.

  • Juniors look through their goodie bags. One of the favorite items was a yellow smiley face stress ball.

  • Junior Sonjen Bangal performs in the academic mall. The jazz group performed during the showcase as students browsed the projects on display.

  • Senior Arianna Dezfulian shakes hands with another student while introducing her project. Dezfulian’s Genius Project was Young Choreographer’s Camp which allowed eager dancers to develop and showcase their own pieces.

  • Senior Natalie Lawrence displays her beaded earrings. Her brand is called Ki’sómma Creations.

  • Senior Isabella Bernabeo’s Genius Project is scattered across a table for display during the break. Bernabeo’s poetry collection is called “A Collection of Thoughts: Blue Skies Don’t Exist.”

  • A student flips through a children’s book written by senior Lauren Mathios and illustrated by senior Tiffany Luong. The book is called “Violet and the Color Change.”

  • Seniors Tosh Rasmusen and Tyler Rhyne provide feedback on junior Everett Oh’s project. Every junior received feedback on their pitches.

  • A forum volunteer listens to a student presentation. Forum volunteers were invited to provide invaluable feedback.

  • A junior presents his Genius Project to the class. Seniors, sophmores and freshmen provided feedback on projects.

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