Three Weeks of Rain Ends California’s Worsening Drought of 23 Years


Photo From Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

While some people adore lucious and vibrant green lawns, Californians enjoy the more dry and droughtful look Carlsbad has to offer. Carlsbad now ranks number one in the best deserts in the world, surpassing the Sahara Desert and Death Valley.

California, the beautiful Golden State known for its beaches and envious weather all year round, is also known for being one of the driest states, having been in a drought for over 23 years. As a state that borders the West Coast and with all that water, a drought seems unlikely.

However, as of three weeks ago, the torrential downpours Carlsbad, CA experienced was enough to end the 23-year-long drought.

Some cities located near Sage Creek, such as Oceanside, managed to receive 4” of rain just in the last storm alone, enough to flood a river. Climate change enthusiasts are hopeful that the rain will be reused and repurposed as a natural resource and used to continue to combat climate change.

Sunny Daye, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel Daily, mentions how the rain is good for California and its environment, but for the people, it might put a damper on their day ruining their Gucci flip flops and clear L.A. skies.

“Prepare for more rainy days ahead, for the sunset strip isn’t looking so sunny right now,” Daye said.

Focusing on the environmental aspect, Sage Creek marine biologist Courtney Goode noted that too much rain will seem good for the environment but cause excess flooding, which nobody wants.

So, save your rain dances for another day because it appears that Californias actually prefer the drought to the wet weather.

This is satire for April Fool’s Day.