Prank Wars Between Science and Math Teachers Divide Academic Departments at Sage Creek


Kerris Arnett

The graphic expresses the math and science department against each other. The departments have been feuding against each other for generations.

  In recent weeks, the science and math departments have experienced a wide variety of resurfacing drama. Whether it be fighting over which department has better test scores or which subject is more useful in the real world, the teachers that make up these key departments have not been very happy with each other’s company. As a result, the teachers took their youthful students’ advice on how to take care of the situation: a prank war. 

It all started with a misunderstanding involving a fence, the Wooleys and the Fiebergs hundreds of years ago. 

“It all started generations ago where Mr. Fieberg’s family grew up next to Mrs.Wolley’s family, and I guess someone painted the fence the wrong color,“ explained Manente, a math teacher at Sage Creek High School. “So then this family feud started. So since then, I guess the families have been feuding, and Mrs. Wolley got the math department to back her up.”

However, the science department has definitely put in an effort to fight the wrath of the math department. 

“I replaced all of his flip flops with closed-toe shoes: his worst nightmare,“  Mrs. Goode, biology and marine biology teacher, said.

However, the math and science teachers at Sage Creek fail to realize the academic disruption that the prank wars serve to the students taking math and science this trimester. 

“Yeah, I mean I have already failed Algebra 2 a few times, so it really doesn’t help when the science teachers come in and spray us with shaving cream,” remarks Sarah Smith, a junior at Sage Creek. “Like, I can’t really learn anything when I’m drenched in water or when my shoelaces are being tied together, so I’m probably going to have to take this class again.” 

The original interview conducted included words that the departments wanted to say to each other. However, what was said was too explicit for public viewing. 

This is satire for April Fool’s Day.