Sage Creek’s Theater Program Sells Out Shows With Their “Legally Blonde” Performance

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  • Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar and the Delta Nu Sisters perform. In Act 1 of the Legally Blonde musical, the actors and actresses sing the opening song, “Omigod You Guys.”

  • Elle Woods tries on the perfect dress for her date night with Warner Huntington III. Elle Woods is played by Sage Creek student Athena Woessner.

  • Warner Huntington III tells Elle Woods that he wants to break up with her. Warner Huntington III is played by Sage Creek student Elijah Johnson.

  • Elle Woods tells her friends that she will attend Harvard Law School to find her ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III. Pilar is played by Ela Sims-Mahoney, Margot is played by Sage Jennings and Serena is played by Kiara Speek.

  • Actors hold up a sign stating, “Elle & Warner 4 Ever!!!!!! And Ever!!!!” Elle Woods performs in front of the Harvard admissions office instead of writing a personal essay for her application.

  • Elle Woods cries on a park bench. Elle Woods is embarrassed after showing up to a party dressed like a rabbit.

  • Actors dress up in white jackets that spell “Elle Woods!” The actors perform to the song, “Positive.”

  • Paulette and Kyle pet Paulette’s dog. Paulette is played by Bodhi Hendrix and Kyle is played by Jackson Klaas.

  • Elle Woods proves that Chutney is guilty for the murder of her father. Chutney is played by Itzel Garcia.

  • Warner Huntington III apologizes to Elle Woods for not taking her seriously. Elle Woods decided to reject Warner Huntington III after he asked to get back into a relationship with her.

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