Collage by Jacob Dougherty

All six candidates for school board pose in a headshot. The candidates seek election to improve the quality of education and life in the Carlsbad Unified School District.

Meet the Candidates of the Local School Board Election

With the midterm elections fast approaching on Nov. 8, many overlook a smaller yet no less important election for the Carlsbad Unified school board. 

The school board is a five-member council that represents the Carlsbad community and sets performance goals for both schools and superintendents. Three of the five posts are up for reelection this year, including Areas One, Four, and Five.

When voting for any position, it is important to stay informed of who the candidates are to see if they best represent the varying ideas and opinions within Carlsbad’s diverse community. The Sage conducted interviews with each of the six candidates for the school board to learn more about their respective worldviews and philosophies.

Area One: Michele Ward and Sharon McKeeman
Area Four: Jen Fornal and Gretchen Vurbeff
Area Five: Kathy Rallings and Scott Davison

Election Day is Nov. 8

The opinions expressed here are that of each candidate, and The Sage does not endorse any particular candidate. It's critical to do research before casting a vote for any elected official to choose the candidate that will best serve the community’s interests and beliefs. No matter which candidate voters back in this election, it's crucial that voters utilize their right to vote so that their opi...

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