Girls Golf Captains Foster a Supportive Team Culture


A golf ball, imprinted with the Sage Creek logo, lays in the grass. The girls began to start a round with this ball.

Playing a sport in high school can be overwhelming, but a strong team foundation can make any situation less daunting. For the girls golf team, team captains Joleen Wobby, Kaitlyn Sim and Natalia Fanucchi emulate this role for their team.

“As a team captain, I just hope to have everyone else on the team look to me as a leader, making sure they’re comfortable with me and knowing when to ask questions and that I’m always there for them,” Sim said. 

For many in school sports, having team captains who care and choose to be there for their teammates makes the experience more enjoyable. 

Adding on to Sim’s ideals of creating a safe environment for the girls on her team, senior Natalia Fanucchi makes it clear that she cares about her teammates’ experience with the sport rather than winning a trophy. 

Natalia Fanucchi hits out on the driving range. Fanucchi is one of leaders on the team. (Photo By Makena Coleman )

“I like to let everyone know that you’re there to have fun,” Fanucchi said. “The scores matter, but having fun is what is most important.”

 This no-stress environment makes it easier for players to work on their skills without feeling that pressure weighing down on them. 

Along with making everyone on the team feel comfortable on and off the course, the captains find ways to connect with their teammates in a sport that is primarily individual. 

“At away games, we like to have away dinners,” Sim said. “So after a match, we go to a nearby fast food place or any kind of food place, then we eat dinner together.” 

Little things like this allow these girls to create a strong connection with each other in a sport where players aren’t always next to a teammate. 

Oftentimes, people limit the role of the team captain to just leadership, but senior Joleen Wobby believes that there is more teamwork to this role than many would originally think.

Two of the team captains Joleen Wobby (left) and Natalia Fanucchi (right) pose for a photo. The two had just finished practice at the crossings. (Photo By Makena Coleman )

“It’s more of a team effort than leadership,” Wobby said. “It’s more like making a team, a team rather than just leadership.” 

This unique perspective provides in-depth insight into a role that is already well-known. While leadership is a big part of their responsibilities as captains, bonding and establishing their team seems to be just as vital. 

As these seniors embark on their final golf season as a Bobcat, there are many things to learn from them as players, and as people. Determination is what Fanucchi wants her teammates to learn from her.

 “You can always work harder, you can always get better,” Fanucchi said. “It’s not like a sport where it’s one and done and have a good run and boom you’re great. You have to keep working and you have to work through everything.” 

The belief of working hard for a goal to achieve it is a lesson that can be learned regardless of the sports played.  Leading by example is crucial to creating a team environment that is hardworking which leads to more positive results out on the course. 

“I just want them to have fun, don’t think of golf as a stressful and hard game,” Sims said. “Just be there with their teammates.”