Pineapple is the Greatest Pizza Topping of All Time


Photo By Caleb Fletcher

A Hawaiian pizza lays on a dining room table. This delicacy can be enjoyed in any form.

Pineapple is absolutely one of the best toppings the world has to offer despite recent controversy and hatred that many have for this style of pizza. The idea of pineapple on pizza creates a large debate nowadays, but when did it first start?

The pineapple-on-pizza trend stretches back to 1962 when Greek immigrant Sam Panpoulos needed a way to attract customers to his shop and sliced up some of the fruit on his deep dish. His inspiration most likely came from the uprising of Hawaiian culture,

which brought a large amount of canned fruit to North America. Despite Panpoulos’ pizza shop being located in Ontario, Canada, the trend quickly spread and was given its nickname “Hawaiian Pizza” because of the star ingredient.

So why is everyone only now arguing over this pizza topping? Styles change, and the modern world has a different and more simple view of pizza. In similarity, the reason nobody likes coleslaw anymore is because coleslaw is completely dreadful.

Many people don’t think twice about hating pineapple pizza, but someone’s opinion on this topping goes beyond how it looks. Pineapple is a sweet fruit, with a hard, juicy texture to it. Pizza is a savory food, with a softer texture. 

With food, opposite flavors are used on purpose to create a sensation that can be seen in many treats: warm, crispy cookies with soft, cold ice cream; a crunchy, dry taco shell around sweet, mushy ground beef. Pineapple on pizza shouldn’t be any different. 

Natalia Stein, a self-proclaimed avid Instagram user, expresses her love for the pizza topping.

“Pineapple belongs on pizza not only because of how it tastes and feels but also because of the fundamentals,” Stein said. “I used to get pizza every Friday and top it with my homemade pineapple. Absolute perfection.”

Stein is one of the few who can still appreciate Hawaiian pizza in today’s world. She makes the point that the idea of pineapple on pizza makes sense and deserves the love it doesn’t receive.

Freshman Ryan Higley begs to differ and displays severe hatred towards the topic of pineapple on pizza. 

“Pineapple on pizza might be one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. Might as well just throw on some oranges and ice cream too,” Higley said. “I would’ve liked it more if I hadn’t matured and made good choices.” 

However, what Higley hadn’t mentioned was when he last tried this delicacy. It seems that a significant amount of people hating on this delicacy haven’t tasted it in a while, or ever at all. To find out more,  The Sage conducted a short survey with students here at Sage Creek.

The survey asked students about a few questions about the pizza topping, and when they had eaten them last. The survey was presented to 36 people, and 29 of them said they strongly disliked pineapple on pizza. Nonetheless, only four of those 29 said they have tried pineapple on pizza in the last year.

 How can someone judge a food they can’t remember the taste of? 

That’s right: many pineapple-on-pizza haters bring invalid arguments to the table and only some give well-founded reasoning. 

But how does this discussion apply to the Carlsbad community? Local pizza shops have mixed opinions about it, and some places don’t even serve pineapple. Everett Hammond, a Flippin’ Pizza employee, shares his thoughts on the matter as someone who makes pies.

“Hawaiian Pizza (otherwise known as pineapple pizza) has been a staple to American culture since the 60s, and we believe it’s only right to carry on that tradition and culture onto other generations to taste,” Hammond said.

Hammond brings up a good point as pineapple pizza plays an important role in American food history – despite what people think of it, it is the finest pizza topping the world has ever seen. The history, uniqueness and convenience of the famous dish make it a timeless delicatezza.