Students Join in at Sage Creek’s Club Rush

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  • Groups of students crowd the academic mall during lunchtime. Many were eager to sign up for the multitude of clubs offered on campus throughout club rush week.

  • Students greet each other and inquire about details at one of the booths. Every day at lunch, multiple club booths lined the edges of the academic mall.

  • The Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad hosts a booth at club rush. Throughout the week, the organization filled its table with candy, stickers and sign-up sheets.

  • Sage Creek Croissant Club members hold up a poster detailing the activities they participate in. This attracts attention from students all around, eager to get involved and sign up with the incentive of a fresh croissant each Friday.

  • Senior Sanat Afzalpurkar stands behind the Academic League poster–a club which he is an officer of. The Academic League competes in jeopardy-style competitions with teams from other schools.

  • A student signs up for the Girls in STEAM club. STEAM is an acronym, standing for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

  • Students sign up for the community arts club which encourages students to unleash their creativity. They have a special tradition of playing American artist Bob Ross tutorials during their club meetings.

  • Sophomore Ella Azzeh advocates for students to join Sage Creek’s branch of the Young Life club. The Young Life club is a group of people who are mainly christian, who come together on Monday’s to play games.

  • Two students read the aerospace club’s poster. The aerospace club creates model rockets for The American Rocket Challenge while promoting space and aviation engineering skills.

  • Senior Kimrut Kaur stands beside her poster advertising the Communicating and Socializing club. The CAS club strives to form a community where everyone can learn communication skills, as well as form new friendships between members.

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