Pro-choice is Not Murder, it is Giving Women their Autonomy

Harley Morgan, Staff Reporter

Many states like Arizona and Michigan, as well as others, have pre-existing laws enforcing abortion bans before Roe v. Wade was in effect. These laws are not enforced as the federal case of Roe v. Wade overrides any state laws regarding abortion. With a semi-new leak from the Supreme Court, there are talks about the overturn of Roe v. Wade, and the enforcement in many states of safe and legal abortions.

There has been a lot of clashing for and against these laws, and support from democrats in office and in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate to push for midterm electing people who can keep this law in place. Liberation News adds to this by saying how “Despite enjoying control of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the presidency, the Democrats have used this moment to claim that the only way to save Roe is by voting for them in the midterm election in November.” 

People, mainly right-leaning, have a sudden need to “regulate” the “anti-murder” laws by forcing women to have unsafe abortions and pushing for women who want to have abortions through term, even if it causes harm for the mother. 

The idea from right-leaning politicians and community leaders is the idea that ‘pro-life’ laws, in effect are saving children and mothers, and pushing for anti-democrat murder. None of that could be further from the truth. 

Anti-abortion laws are not allowing for no abortions to happen in the country, only safe and legal ones. It should be a discussion of the autonomy and safety of mothers, not a discussion of making sure that cells who cannot even think are free from the political nightmare of the right caring about so-called murder.

In the news soon after the leaks were released, many officials and news outlets were quick to fire the blame on the newly elected Ketanji Brown Jackson, an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. MSNBC mentioned in their article on the racism in the news, how “Greg Stinchfield, a host on the far-right network Newsmax, floated his ingenious theory that Jackson — who hasn’t even been seated on the Supreme Court yet — was responsible for leaking the court’s apparent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade”. It is a disgusting remark from right-leaning politicians, and more evidence of their racist history and ideologies to pin her, the first black woman on the Supreme Court as the leaker who MSNBC says ‘hasn’t even been seated.”

Fox News adds how they think the leak is bigger than the actual case of overturning Roe v Wade.  The entire politicization of morality is becoming more frequent in the news and media as well, with other cases regarding gun violence or immigration.

But disregarding the politics of abortion, the immoral decision to let women and children who have been raped, abused or even women who don’t want children, have to carry them to term and put them through an immense amount of debt, trauma and, now, a moral decision whether to put children up for adoption or raise a child they do not want. 

If this is the case even, the right is immensely in opposition to supporting these children they believe are worth more than the trauma and pain of the mothers. Recent politicians “who voted against providing $28 million in aid to the Food and Drug Administration to address the shortage of baby formula.” In a country in recession, trying to climb out we have politicians, all 192 who voted against that were republican, pushing to not even be able to support the babies and children they so desperately want to be birthed. 

These laws, as well as the immoral decision to take away bodily autonomy from women, is a way to suppress those who are not able to support their own, as well as another human being, a way to traumatize and put more people in debt, which minorities including Hispanic, African-American and Asian mothers are having higher birth rates than ‘non-hispanic whites’ while only slightly, are being unsupported by politicians as well. 

The right and pro-life ideologists are supposed ‘moral’ people, who are caring for the life of the clump of cells not even able to think breathe or live on their own, as literal parts of their mother, disregard the lives at stake. The anti-humanitarian policies deny aid to the FDA for baby formula shortage or lack of care for mother-mortality rates which are highest in Black and Native/Alaskan American women according to the CDC. 

Pro-life supporters are directly anti-life, it seems. Not being able to support mortality rates in pregnancy, not being able to support caring for children or making sure that children put for adoption are supported with their lack of care for the adoption system and the lack of care for mothers and those affected by this. Children and minors being raped, having to carry children to term, traumatizing them. This is not a pro-life debate, this is a debate of morality which right-leaning politicians and citizens seem to have a lack of. 

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) accounts for 83.1 billion dollars, out of the 2.59 trillion dollars given to the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the ACF program. That is 3.2% of the budget spent on the ACF program alone, and only 12% of that is spent on Foster Care and Permanency. As well as 13% of the 83.1 billion dollars spent on the Child Care and Development Fund. 

Both of these programs add up to 20.1 million dollars, nationally, for child care and foster care programs. It seems like a lot, but across 600,000 average children in foster care, upkeep for facilities and paperwork and employees, 20 million dollars is not much. The SCHS campus was built using grants and other aids to the district of around 250 million dollars, for perspective. 

Especially when there are other US departments and facilities that are being over-funded in a sense, like in the Department of Health of Human Services, which spends 519 billion dollars on grants to states alone, which states have a tendency to be very discreet and not spend their money on what they say they will.

All of this is to sum up and say that with a lack of morality in pro-life debates, even being in support of it there is a lack of resources and help to support these children. It is not a decision of life vs death but a decision of humanity and making sure that the victims of rape and women who wish to not be pregnant are able to choose their life and what happens with their bodies, in a system that is against them and does not support them at all.