Fall Music Concert Leaves Us Spooked

Jacob McKibben, Staff Writer

The audience was left amazed and a little spooked too.

The Sage Creek Band and Orchestra’s Fall Music Concert featuring three songs from the orchestra and two from the band was a success. With a brand new teacher, Ms. Julianna Quinones, the band pieced two incredible songs together that left the audience astonished and frightened, hence the Halloween-themed concert.

The Orchestra started out their performance with a song called “Ghost Carnival” by Erik Morales. The song started out with what sounded like shrieks, then went to a quicker pace to mimic a person running. The song was meant to scare you, like a ghost chasing someone.

The next song, “Two Grieg Lyric Pieces,” by Stephen Chin was more soothing. It was meant to comfort the listener with pleasant and relaxing tunes.  Its very slow-pace, with few fast breaks overall made it feel like slow motion.

The final piece the Orchestra played was “Darkened Shadows,” by Joshua Reznicow. This song came with an extra spooky character, a ghost-like figure coming out onto the stage shortly after starting. Death, was its name, and it walked out and started to point to people as if they were next for death. The song then comedically ended with the conductor introducing Death as senior Alex Kaplan.

Orchestra was applauded for their incredible performance and then exited stage left, followed a short intermission as the band setup to perform.

The band’s performance was a little less spooky and had more of a cartoony feel; “The Anguish of Nosferatu” by Ed Kiefer, and “The adventures of Kid Cam” by David R. Holsinger. They were originally going to play three, but the last song went on backorder.

Their performance started off with junior oboe player Gabe Vecchio, going on the conductor’s stand to tune-check the band. The first song they played was an astonishing piece including solos and the band as a whole and the next  had more of a cartoony feel.

Overall, both performances were well-played and had a lot of great parts. The sold out audience was left pleased with a great Sage Creek band and orchestra performance.