Varsity and Novice A Boys Volleyball Teams On Their Passion

“If someone is trying out for boy’s volleyball, talk to coach Savage and don’t be afraid. It might be intimidating but there’s a team for everyone at Sage.”

The Boys Novice A Volleyball Team has had an excellent season so far with extraordinary teamwork and communication. With a league record of 4-0 making Sage Creek an undefeated team.

Unlike Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, the Novice A Volleyball team is made up of boys who play on a lower level but still have the skills and what it takes to win games.

Novice A boys volleyball team huddles in a circle to discuss their next plays while Varsity and Junior Varsity warm up. The boy’s volleyball teams have had a good season with many close games against their opponents. (Photo by Leah Ertel)

The team played Carlsbad High School’s volleyball team at home on Thursday, April 7. With the two sets resulting in a tie, Sage broke the tie and won with the final score of 13-15. Even faced with a loss and having to play an extra set, the boys showed perseverance and were willing to play their hardest and win because not only do they love their sport and have a passion for it, they are very good at it as well.

Ethan Lam, a sophomore on the Varsity Volleyball team described how teamwork has been good this season because of the communication the team shares with one another. 

“The teamwork has been good. A lot of the boys talk with each other and we just communicate really well.”

The Novice A Team played Torrey Pines on Wednesday, March 27. They were a tough team to beat but the score Sage Creek obtained was well deserved.

Kaden Courey, a sophomore on the Novice A team who plays middle blocker for the team, recalls the Torrey Pines team as a tough opponent but the game was overall fun and successful.

“I enjoyed playing against Torry Pines,” Courey said. “They were a pretty tough team but we were able to take them. The school was very close and it was a very intense game. I like it when it’s intense like that. The score was 23-25 and we won.”

The audience watches the Carlsbad v.s Sage Creek boys volleyball team play against each other. The game took place on Thursday, April 7. (Photo by Leah Ertel)

Balancing sports and school, the workload can become pretty tedious. The volleyball team has had to learn how to master their ability of time management so they can finish their homework on time, as well as attend daily practice as well as games.

Luke Nesmith, a sophomore on the Novice A team as well who has the position of outside, has learned how to balance his time successfully and efficiently. 

“Any opportunity I have, when I’m taking a break when we’re reffing, I try to get my homework done as much as possible.  You need to do as much homework as soon as you get home, you don’t procrastinate.”

The Novice A as well as the varsity volleyball teams all have a love for their sport and are all very welcoming to newcomers. When anyone is thinking about trying out for volleyball, they highly recommend coming out.

The various boy’s volleyball teams huddle together before the start of the game. The Sage Creek team pumped each other up while they shouted,”1-2-3 Bobcats!” (Photo by Leah Ertel)

“Go on Youtube, search up videos, just learn the basics first,” Lam said.

“If you think you would enjoy it, then go for it. I definitely enjoy it, it has become a big part of my life,” Courey said.

“If someone is trying out for boy’s volleyball, talk to coach Savage and don’t be afraid. It might be intimidating but there’s a team for everyone at Sage,” Nesmith said.

This past Saturday, the Novice A team won the Silver Bracket while playing against La Jolla. With amazing success this season and with only a couple of weeks remaining for the season, the volleyball team will continue to keep playing their with heart and working together.