“Chicago” in Photos

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  • The star of the show, Athena Woessner, performs as Roxie Heart, a woman who dreams of a future as a Vaudeville Girl following her newfound fame as a convicted murderer. Woessner was able to convey all the complexities and sides of her character with a compelling acting performance.

  • Senior Luca Stapleton is surrounded by fan-baring background dancers as famous lawyer Billy Flinn. Stapleton seemed to be born for the role, as her mannerisms and singing grabbed the attention of the audience and left a lasting impression.

  • Kaia Savage stares intensely out at the crowd while performing “Cell Block Tango.” Her deadly stare paired with a range of songs, complex choreography and dialogue provided a well-rounded character and performance.

  • Stars of the show Athena Woessner and Luca Stapleton perform “We Both Reached For the Gun” in tandem. The combination of Stapleton’s vocals with Woessner’s visuals created a wonderful illusionary image.

  • Senior Kaia Savage plays Velma Kelly, the convicted murderer and wannabe star who is in shock after reading a newspaper headline. Savage delivered one of the most memorable performances of the show, with strong vocals and facial expressions that could be seen even from the back of the theater.

  • Senior Christian Isaiah Dorsey-McQueen performs ‘Cell Block Tango’ while holding a striking red-lined jacket. The Sage Creek Drama Department delivered a captivating visual performance with a mixture of dark lighting and highly visible red highlights.

  • Claire Duffy stares above the crowd while performing in “Cell Block Tango.” With a combination of singing and dancing, she was able to bring to life one of the iconic convicted murderers of “Chicago.”

  • Senior Talan Dunn plays Matron “Mama” Morton and performs “When You’re Good To Mama.” As one of the only people on stage during this song, Dunn was still able to fill the space with her combined vocals and stage presence.

  • Music Director Juliana Quiñones reenacts a “Chicago” murder with Student Music Director Thomas Lien. The musical’s chamber orchestra provided live music throughout the entire show and transported their audience.

  • The “Chicago” stage crew poses backstage for a photograph before a performance. The crew worked behind the scenes to help pull off a nearly seamless show, remaining unseen by the crowd.

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