JV Girls Basketball in their Final Game of the Season

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  • Freshman Claire Novak prepares to pass the ball to a teammate. Novak established an early lead for the team in the first quarter.

  • Freshman Leila Grace Carter gains possession of the ball and speeds across the court. The team was in the lead in the second quarter.

  • Sophomore Hannah Keehn calculates how to pass the ball beyond the opposing player. The team’s offense was one of their strengths this season.

  • Freshman Leila Grace Carter regains possession of the ball before the opposing team can react. Carter transitioned the team from defense to offense on multiple occasions during the game.

  • The team huddles for a group talk during a break in the third quarter. Their strategies throughout the game ended in success.

  • Sophomore Hannah Keehn raises her hand in solidarity with her teammates during a huddle. The team took the lead throughout the game.

  • Freshman Leila Grace Carter prepares to throw a celebratory cross-court buzzer-beater as the game ends, marking the latest in a long string of victories. The team remained undefeated throughout their entire league run.

  • The team poses for a photo at the end of the game after a win. The team had a 533 point differential this season.

  • The team poses for a group selfie after taking the win. The score was 65-32.

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