Deadpool 2 Loses Director: Top 5 Directors To Direct The Sequel


Chris Beauchamp, Staff Writer

Deadpool 2 Loses Director: Top 5 Directors To Direct The Sequel

Deadpool is now the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. It made over 700 million dollars on a 58 million dollar budget. Of course with this movie earning so much money, there is going to be a sequel to the superhero comedy. Deadpool 2 originally had Tim Miller, director of the 1st Deadpool, on the film project. However, due to creative differences from Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller on the storyline, Tim Miller has left the director’s chair. Now, the search for another director is underway. Here are 5 directors that I think would be great choices for Deadpool 2.

  1. Jason Lei Howden

Like Tim Miller, Jason Lei Howden is a visual artist and has done visual effects work for some big blockbuster movies. Some films that he has worked on are The Hobbit trilogy, The

Avengers, Prometheus, and this year’s Gods Of Egypt. He can bring the visual variety to Deadpool 2 while Ryan Reynolds can bring the comedic variety. I think he would be a good choice from a visual perspective and from the amount of credits this artist has behind him

  1. Joe Carnahan  

Unlike Jason Lei Howden, Joe Carnahan has directed many R-rated films and loves to use profanity in his films, which is Deadpool’s personality in both the film and the comic-books. He has worked on films such as The A-Team and Narc. He also has worked with Ryan Reynolds in the past on a film called Smokin Aces. He would be a good choice because he has worked with Ryan Reynolds before and he can bring the factors to make Deadpool 2 a hard R-rated film with swearing as well as with comedic factors.

  1. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds hasn’t done directing yet in his career. He will be producing and acting in Deadpool 2. He also knows a lot about the character of Deadpool and loves this character as well. If there is a person who knows this character and has played him before, it would make sense if he also directed the sequel. A great example of a person who is directing a film as well as acting in it is Ben Affleck. He will be directing The Batman and has played Batman before in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It could also be a great start for his directing career and would be great for him because he would have complete control over the production of Deadpool 2.

  1. Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi has directed lots of many different types of films. He has directed Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider Man-3 and The Evil Dead. He also is rumored to be directing an upcoming DC Film called Shazam. He has directed many comic book films and is aware of how to work with a comic book trilogy, which is what Deadpool eventually will become. He also has worked with Marvel in the past and knows how to make a comic book movie feel like the comic book. If Deadpool 2 wants to be more of a comic book film than a comedy, Sam Raimi would be a perfect choice for the director’s chair.

  1. Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright has also directed comic book films and some great comedy films. He has directed Hot Fuzz, The World’s End and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. He also worked on a Marvel film which is Ant-Man. He knows how to work with comedy and comic book movies, which is exactly what Deadpool 2 needs. Deadpool(2016) is a comedy that is wrapped around superhero elements like the X-Men franchise. Deadpool 2 should have a director who has experience working on both comedies and superhero films, which is exactly what Edgar Wright is. He can bring the comedy and superhero elements to Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 will be released in 2018. There are rumors speculating that David Leitch, director of John Wick could be taking the director’s chair. It is only rumors however it is a good choice if they go with David Leitch, but those are my top 5 candidates for who i think would be a great director for Deadpool 2. No official announcements have been made yet, but at least we can all say we don’t want Michael Bay. Imagine that, Michael Bay directing Deadpool 2 (No, heck no). Deadpool 2 will also feature the villain named Cable, which was teased in the end of Deadpool (2016) and will be released on January 12, 2018.