Coach Savage: His View on Teaching


Photo by Sophia Tranisi

Coach Savage poses with two of his new students, Robby Nyari and Cassie Morgan. His two students have both become overall better volleyball players and expressed that they have grown more throughout his class.

David Savage is a PE teacher at Sage Creek. By day he instructs his classes in a variety of athletic activities, by night he is an unabashed volleyball addict.

Savage has been a PE teacher in the Carlsbad Unified School District for over 15 years, during that time he has impacted the lives of countless students through his unique teaching methods – and a lot of volleyball.

Because of his love of the sport, Savage has incorporated volleyball into his daily PE classes. We all think of Savage and his passion for volleyball, but few know why he just can’t quit.

“My highlight would be the first year I came here and developing the program and building the volleyball team we have now,” Savage said. “I love being able to see my athletes grow up and still stay in contact…as they go to college.” 

In addition to his love of volleyball, Coach Savage incorporates inspirational quotes and tells life stories at the end of his classes. 

“I want my students to develop as human beings and not feel like they’re alone,” Savage said. “I feel like I have an investment in my students.” 

Sophomore Cassie Morgan is a new addition to Savage’s “Life and Fitness” class. She looks forward to coming each day and being able to interact with her friends.

Adrian Trujillo sets the ball high, ready for his teammate to hit it. Volleyball is usually played in Coach Savage’s class 4-5 days every school week. (Photo by Sophia Tranisi)

“Coach Savage has impacted me with his heartwarming speeches,” Cassie Morgan exclaimed.

Coach Savage is not too interested in timed drills, he is more interested in promoting fun competitive sports in his classes. 

“I’ve had teachers in my life that were negative, that were downers,” Savage said. “I wanted to be a teacher where my students would look forward to my class every day and want to come. I love to teach any sports with competition, where teams are competing against each other for fun.”

He worked hard to become a teacher at Sage Creek. He worked at two middle schools, had to master many different classes at his college, SDSU, such as racquetball and basketball, and he has been teaching for 34 years to get to where he is today.

Coach Savage has worked hard in hopes of getting the opportunity to inspire his students. 

“I started coaching volleyball 15 years ago at Calavera Middle School,” Savage said. 

Savage was actually taught by his wife how to play volleyball. 

“My wife at the time was a scholarship volleyball player. I was dating this girl and I thought, ‘I don’t know much about volleyball but she could teach me,’ I started taking classes and developed more and more past the basics.”

Savage has remarkable respect for his students and he says they have impacted his life immensely. 

“The kids motivate me to come to work each day. I hope to be a good…leader and for them to have the best experience possible. It’s 100% about the kids.”

Students get ready for the volleyball to be served onto their side. Coach Savage plays music for a positive environment full of friendly competition. (Photo by Sophia Tranisi)

It is clear to many students and staff that Savage cares about his students.

Savage’s colleague, Robin Newsom-Wuertz, is a PE coach and ASL teacher at Sage Creek. 

“Coach Savage has a great rapport with students, especially the athletes he coaches,” Newsom said.

Robby Nyari, a new student at Sage Creek, is into working out and staying fit. He looks forward to coming to Savage’s class each day to be able to practice his volleyball skills and stay active.

“Coach Savage is a tremendously impactful teacher, he is always super nice,” Nyari said. “He is able to brighten everyone’s day with the positivity he portrays.” 

Savage wants to make his class as enjoyable as possible and have students be able to come back to him and say, ‘Hey! I remember you!’

Through his work, he wants to influence his students to want to work out on their own and incorporate physical activity into their daily routine.