Girls’ Basketball Bounces Back This Season

It’s safe to say this season is one to look forward to.

Now that December has rolled in, a new season of girls’ varsity basketball has begun.

This season, the team has high hopes; not only are they looking forward to improving their skills, but they’re also strengthening bonds and becoming closer teammates.

Team members celebrate their teammate, Cassandra Martin, after a win. Martin recently beat a school record. (Photo taken from @scbobcats)

Head coach, Jade Cranford, expressed her anticipations for the upcoming season.

“I’m looking forward to exceeding what we did last season and seeing the girls grow personally,” Cranford said.

Like many coaches, Cranford wishes to inspire the team members just as her own basketball coach inspired her. Cranford is an avid basketball player and has been dedicated to the sport since she was five years old.

Cranford recognizes that a coach’s influence on their team has the potential to guide players in the right direction.

Phoebe Arthur, a player since freshman year, talked about different strategies the team uses to reach their goals and how it has helped them improve.

Our team is far more goal-oriented due to our comprehensive athletic program, including weight-lifting, running, and note-taking,” Arthur said. “I’ve seen every teammate’s skill set level up because of the focused mentality that our coaches have instilled in us.”

Not only are these girls great at their sport, but they also work well as a unit. Teamwork is an essential factor when it comes to team sports, as it motivates everyone to do their best and enforces an underlying harmony between members. 

The team takes a group photo after their first game win of the season. The team is set up for a successful season. (Photo taken from @scbobcats)

This team cooperates and communicates in order to make their team the best it can be.

“We’re all really good friends, on and off the court,” Finlay Hughes, a senior member of the team, said. “We work together really nicely.”

Even after a rough 2020 season, the team is finally grasping their spot at the top. The girls’ varsity team has three wins under their belt this season already. 

They have a good chance to win the league this year, but they agree that it’s not all about winning; it’s about having fun in an extracurricular activity and pushing themselves to live up to their potential.