10 Great Christmas Movies to Start with this Holiday


Photo collage assembled by Lana Esquer

There are countless Christmas movies available to watch this season. Here are ten you should check out this December.

Bright lights, the air getting colder, bells ringing from reindeer, and the smell of cinnamon from gingerbread men; Christmas is here! What’s a better way to start embracing the Christmas spirit than by watching Christmas movies?

Buddy the Elf enjoys his breakfast in the early morning. Buddy is having spaghetti with m&m’s, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup. (Photo Taken From sheknows.com)

“Elf: Buddy’s Sing & Cheer Along”(2003) PG Family/Comedy

A Christmas classic for everyone to watch Buddy, the elf, is a human raised in the North Pole by Papa elf. When told by Papa elf that he has a father in New York, Buddy goes on an exciting adventure to find his real father. 

“It was a good movie, very funny,” freshman Courtney Winkler said.

Buddy venturing throughout New York City makes the viewer wonder if Buddy will be accepted by his father.

Klaus, Jesper, and Alva are cheerful about the new holiday. Klaus holds a bag full of Christmas presents ready to bring to all the kids in town. (Photo Taken From denofgeek.com )

“Klaus”(2019) PG Family/Comedy

Jesper Johansson, the son of a very rich man, is sent to a miserable town to deliver mail, but he has to reach his goal to go back home. He meets Klaus, a retired toymaker. Johansson tries to convince Klaus to make toys for the children and unintentionally helps the town. 

The Grinch is getting ready to steal Christmas away from Whoville to take away their holiday cheer. The Grinch tells Max that he shall cooperate by being head of the sleigh as Rudolph.
(Photo Taken From commonsensemedia.org)

“Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas”(2000) PG Family/Fantasy

The Grinch who lives on Mt. Crumpit is a very miserable person who hates Christmas. He comes up with a plan on how to take away  Whovilles cheer by stealing Christmas. The Grinch goes into disguise as Santa to steal presents to achieve his goal of ruining Christmas. But everything changes because of one special who.

 “I like how the Grinch went from hating Christmas but then he had someone who cared about him and to teach him how to love Christmas again. And when the movie ended his heart grew 3 times,” freshman, Angie Fierro Mendoza, explained. 

Duke and his friends check out the area to look for the new comrade Leo. They see Leo and are intimidated by him. (Photo Taken From imdb.com)

“Just Getting Started”(2017)PG-13 Comedy/Action

Duke Diver is living life as a freewheeling manager at a fancy resort. Until one day an ex-military man by the name of Leo appears and becomes interested in the same woman as Duke. They go head to head to see who is the best golf player but soon realize someone is planting traps for Duke to kill him. So Duke and Leo team up to figure out the case. 

After “Hero Boy” gets off the train from going to the North Pole and seeing Santa he sees the conductor once more. The Conductor tells “Hero Boy,” “Seeing is believing, but, sometimes, the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”
(Photo Taken From mentalfloss.com)

“The Polar Express”(2004) G Fantasy/Family

Based on a children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, “The Polar Express,” is a story of a doubtful boy who rides a magical train to the North Pole. He is astonished by it all and discovers the wonder of life is always there for all that believe.

“I really like the film because it has a nice message that you need to believe in magic,” freshman, Victoria Hiersche, stated.

This movie is an iconic film for both its magic and especially its signature songs and hot chocolate. 

At a cake competition, the Duchess of Martenero and Stacy see each other for the first time. They are shocked when they realize they look identical.
(Photo Taken From npr.org)

“The Princess Switch”(2018) PG Romance/Comedy

Two girls who look exactly the same but are total opposites; Stacy from Chicago with a baking career, and The Duchess of Monterano, have a great plan to play as each other to experience a new way of life. The movie is a great comedy and takes a turn on their plan. 

Step Dad Brad is enjoying a movie with his wife Sara, and his two step kids Megan, and Dylan. They get a call during the movie and Megan runs to the phone. She answers with joy and says Daddy is coming home. The beginning of the rivalry between Brad and Dusty begins.
(Photo Taken From christhilk.com)

“Daddy’s Home”(2015) PG-13 Comedy/Family

Brad is a stepdad of two kids, Megan and Dylan. He tries his best to earn their love by being the best dad. However, one day their real dad, Dusty, calls saying he’s visiting the kids for a bit. The two go head-to-head to be the kids’ favorite dad. This movie is great for watching with family and just having fun especially for the competition playing out through the movie.

Kevin has just woken up from his deep slumber and has realized that his wish came true. He starts having fun by eating all the sweets he can while watching TV.
(Photo Taken From thrillist.com)

“Home Alone” (1990) PG Family/Comedy

Kevin has a huge family and wants a break from them all this Christmas; so he wishes for them to all disappear. The family leaves for a trip but forget Kevin at home so he is “Home Alone.” Some twists and turns happen during the film and it turns into a war between burglars and Kevin.

Madea is playing Santa and asking kids what their Christmas wishes are. Being Madea she doesn’t hold back on her comedic replies.
(Photo Taken From imdb.com)

“Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas”(2013) PG-13 Comedy/Comedy-Drama

It’s Christmas time and Madea is asked to help bring back Lacey who is Eileen’s daughter. Soon Madea realizes Lacey isn’t coming home for Christmas because she married Connor, Lacey’s wedly husband, in secret. They both go to Lacey’s farm and discover a lie was told about Connor. This movie takes a spin and is super fun to watch. 

Danny is all finished up decorating his house as his big dream of being the brightest house. He is filled with joy because of how bright it is.
(Photo Taken From pluggedin.com)

“Deck the Halls” (2006) PG Comedy/Family

Steve is a suburban dad with a passion for Christmas. Soon his new neighbor, Danny, also has a big passion for Christmas and plans on making his house full of Christmas lights that you can see from space. Steve doesn’t like this and competes with Danny to see who has the best Christmas lights. This movie is great to watch if you like competition and just having fun, you can even root for which character you want to win.