Vandalism at Sage Creek


Jack Lieberman & Elena Trask

A black, leather sofa sits perched on top of the roof of the Bobcat arena.

Zach Lynch, Opinion Editor

A giant, leather sofa overlooks the campus from the top of the Bobcat arena.                                            Taken by: Jack Lieberman

Students and staff reacted with varying degrees of shock, amusement, and concern on the morning of Halloween when a collection of couches and garbage bins appeared overnight, precariously perched atop the corners of the school’s roof. This incident was the latest in a series of similar pranks, which included jamming an armchair into the roof supports of the Bobcat Arena and barricading the front gate with a stack of picnic tables. The prank was characterized by Principal Cesar Morales as an act of dangerous vandalism.

“Our students [have] the right to feel safe on campus and should not have to worry about being injured by a heavy object falling on them,” Morales said in an email to the student body. An “illustration” was attached to the email depicting security camera footage of a group of masked individuals, along with a call for students to come forward with relevant information.

The six culprits, whose names have not been publicly released, have since been located and apprehended by the Carlsbad Police Department.

Morales distributed another email November 1, thanking the Bobcat community for their assistance in ensuring students’ safety.