Retro Bowl: A Game on the Rise

The wide receiver dives into the endzone for the touchdown. The defenders came close, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the score.

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The wide receiver dives into the endzone for the touchdown. The defenders came close, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the score.

Retro Bowl is one of the most popular games on the market right now due to its fun-natured, and easy-to-understand style of play. The developer of Retro Bowl, New Star Games, envisioned that it would be in the place it is now when the game was first released. However, it took several months after the game was released in January 2020 for it to gain immense popularity.

The roster consists of up to a maximum of ten players. On the roster screen, you can also find the number of coaching credits, salary cap, team morale, and stars for offense and defense.
(Photo by Joshua Wilson)

The game struggled to gain a stable player base in the twenty months following its release. In October 2021, Retro Bowl finally blew up in part to its publicity across several social media platforms. The game became the most downloaded game on the Apple app store for a brief period of time. The game will hope to continue to entertain many people, including Sage Creek students, in the future ahead.

Freshman, Timothy Beccera, explained that he started playing Retro Bowl because he wanted to be better at it than his friends.

The competitive friend to friend spirit may be a large factor as to why this video game has gained so much attention lately. It also may be a problem prohibiting it from having a larger audience. In Retro Bowl, there isn’t a way to 1v1 a friend, all of the matchups are against the computer.

Sophomore Jonathan Hassey, talks about another complication that might be hurting the game.

“To enhance the experience I would make it so that you can choose any play that you want instead of choosing pre-chosen plays,” Hassey said.

However, not everything in Retro Bowl is bad. After all, it did get to number one on the Apple app store. It is a good game which means that it must have good features. Junior, Emily La Puma, explains what her favorite in-game feature is.

“I like how you can choose different players and gain stars for your offense and defense,” La Puma stated.

Freshman, Timothy Beccera, throws an interception in Retro Bowl. The bottom of the screen flashes red indicating what happened. (Photo by Joshua Wilson)

Other features include coaching credits which can help sign free agents, extend the salary cap and improve the team facilities. One can also improve the morale of an individual player and the entire team in order to increase the willingness for them to resign with the team. All of these features can make it so that the user has a much easier time managing and playing the video game.

“It’s pretty easy unless you’re not good at video games or you’re just not good at aiming because it is one of the easier games,” Beccera explained.

The easy-going flow of the game makes it appealing for many people. However, the user’s success reflects the difficulty of the upcoming games.

“I think it is fairly difficult, but as time goes on it gets really difficult, but it’s really fun,” La Puma expressed.

If one is able to overcome all of the challenges in the game, they might just be able to win the Retro Bowl. 

“I highly recommend the game,” Hassey stated. “Go play Retro Bowl.”