Bryan Snyder Fosters Culture and Creativity in New Alley Art Wall Project


Photo by Nadia Razzaq

Henry and Stella Snyder plan out what they will be painting when the mural is open to the public. The project aims to inspire people of all ages to join in the Carlsbad art scene.

Under the direction of community artist Bryan Snyder, The Carlsbad Art Wall on the side of Señor Grubby’s has highlighted creative expression in the Village over the years. The mural art movement is undeniable; Snyder addresses local requests for the permanence of diverse public art in his newest project, the Alley Art Wall. 

What began as Snyder’s famous “Doodle’s Umbrella” installation art on the corner of the Tyler Street alley will soon become a canvas for professionals and those interested in mural art. By the end of 2021, the Alley Art Wall will be embellished in bright colored paints and the artwork of 17 eccentric muralists, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open up the wall to public contributions from artists of all ages.

Snyder poses in front of the Alley Art Wall with his two children, Henry and Stella. The artist, who typically goes by Snyder Art, is well-known for painting murals around Carlsbad. (Photo by Nadia Razzaq)

Snyder has found an outburst of support from the local government, local businesses, and organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, which have furthered the purpose of this new project: to provide a public forum for art that he and muralists alike wish they had growing up. Trespassing to paint murals and graffiti art in the middle of the night had been the only resort to become proficient in the craft, but that’s no longer the case for the curious artists of Carlsbad.

“All these artists understand how important this is because none of the artists who are making a good living had this and this would’ve helped them so much,” Snyder said. “The goal is for everyone to paint. I can’t wait to see kids walking down the streets with a bag of supplies, coming here and painting.”

The artists who will be joining in on the project have previously painted for the iconic Carlsbad Art Wall which is repainted every two months. The feedback that Snyder has received from locals has been in favor of these featured artists. This has led Snyder to get back into contact with some of his dearest friends, some of whom have traveled great distances to become a part of Carlsbad’s culture. As of now, seven muralists have made contributions to the collaborative mural.

Snyder prepares the scaffolding in the Carlsbad Theater parking lot. People often stop by the alley to see all that Snyder is working on in regards to the project. (Photo taken from @snyderart)

While the project remains in motion, Snyder hopes to spread the word on the communal aspect that the project entails. Networking and connecting are of prime importance. Art teacher Megan Herrick, who has known Snyder since elementary school, is all for his creative vision and the joint effort the Alley Art Wall entails. 

“It’s really cool to have different ways to experience art and there’s something to be said about actually being a part of making the art, especially in collaboration with other people and I think we need to have more of that,” Herrick said.  “Public art is interactive art and a fun way to be involved.”

Snyder plans to visit local schools when the art wall’s ribbon ceremony approaches just in time for the new year in hopes of gaining the interest of Carlsbad’s youth. Sage Creek students, like junior Catherine Laube, plan on taking part in the Carlsbad Alley Art Wall.

“Getting people interested in things early on is a really good way to open up aspects of art to everyone,” Laube said. “It would be fun to make my mark on Carlsbad.”

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