Dive Into this Netflix Original: Mako Mermaids Review


Rachel Murphy, Sage Editor

The Netflix original “Mako Mermaids,” uncovers the truth of mysteries that lie beneath the ocean’s surface. If you like fantasy, this is the show for you.

It is a spin-off of the 2006 television show, “H2o: Just Add Water,” that gives the audience comedy and drama while the trio of mermaids adjust to living on land while trying to save their former home, Mako Island.

The show kicks off with land boy, Zac (portrayed by Chai Romruen), becoming a merman in the magic “moon pool,” within the volcano of Mako Island. After this encounter, three girls Sirena (portrayed by Amy Ruffle), Lyla (played by Lucy Fry), and Nixie (played by Ivy Latimer) are held responsible and look for a way to reverse this metamorphosis so that they are no longer outcasted from their group (pod) of mermaids that they were born into.

Comedy is exhibited as the mermaids take a long time to learn how their legs function and how to deal with their fear of cats. The show makes everyday actions and patterns of the girls’ struggles humorous for the audience as they look for ways to fix the transformation made in Zac.

On a more serious note, the girls also have battle secrets, new challenges in the mermaid world, and threats that could destroy their home and take away what makes them special. The biggest conflict in season 1 is when Zac’s best friend Cameron (played by Dominic Deutscher) hatches up a plan to take over Mako. His plan could potentially affect their survival in the ocean. Cameron hopes to become a merman, the enemy of mermaids for centuries.  

Every once in awhile, there are episodes unrelated to this main conflict that focus on either comedy, or expanding the viewers’ knowledge about mermaid life. These episodes usually have to do with something going wrong with magic spells or water.

The latest season on Netflix, season 4, provides a whole new story with many challenges to face. Season 5 will also have a new storyline to follow upon its release in May, 2017.

Mako Mermaids does a fantastic job of portraying underwater fantasy while showcasing scenarios that can relate to the audience and hooks them with the heavy and testing conflicts throughout the whole series. There is a serious devotion in the making of this show, because it really does make the viewers, including myself, wonder what secrets lie beneath the ocean’s surface.