Fall or Winter Formal ?

Grace Hull, Staff Writer

Although our school is not huge on school spirit, the turnout at our dances is still consistently high.The upcoming dance, fall formal, is going against the consecutive tradition of winter formal. With this switch set into play, I’ve wondered if any students were upset with this.

The revision of the dance name does not change the amount of fun people will have or the whole experience of the dance. As most students can probably discern, I do not really care about the current change because it does not personally bother me. I believe that the mass majority of the school shouldn’t care either.

However, I do think winter formal is more festive and easier to decorate for the holidays, so it definitely will be interesting to see how ASB pulls the “Autumn in New York” theme together.

The only complaint I have about the upcoming dance are the ticket prices. I understand the dance is off campus, so the prices have to be a little higher to cover that, but really are students going to want to pay 50 dollars just to go to a dance? I think the ticket prices are a much larger issue than the name change.

If the difference of a name does truly bother people though, it could potentially alter the turnout for fall formal. Luckily, I do not believe this will happen because of the dance’s venue: the Cal State San Marcos Student Union. Because Sage Creek has never hosted an event here before, more students will hopefully want to attend the dance and experience what the new venue is like compared to the usual gym setting.

Another positive aspect of fall formal is that it will be held sooner. If it was still winter formal, students would have to wait (at the very least) a whole other month before they could attend. Having the dance in November also creates a way for winter formal and hoopcoming to not be as close together. If fall formal turns out to be successful, then I think it could possibly be the newest tradition and completely replace winter formal altogether. The only way we can get the answer to this question is to wait and find out.