Coach Impacts Girls Tennis Team


Photo taken by Austin Jew

Coach Betsy Jordan watches over her players during their match against CCA. The girls tennis team expressed that Jordan is extremely supportive.

Betsy Jordan has been the tennis coach at Sage Creek for five years and coached tennis for 20 years prior. This year she has led the girls tennis team to have a record of 10 wins to 5 losses being within the Open Division for the first time. However, the aspirations she has for her team are greater than wins and losses. 

Jordan explains strategies and switches players. She has coached tennis for over 20 years. (Photo taken by Austin Jew)

Jordan, someone who played tennis during her youth, continues to keep the team motivated and competitive while maintaining an aspect of fun, something required in every practice. 

“A win is not very sweet if not done with integrity,” Jordan said. “Developing good character is more important than winning.  As long as the girls try their hardest and learn from their mistakes, they will be successful.  Losing can be great if it helps the player grow.”

 Junior tennis player Elizaveta Turovets has a close relationship with Jordan and the rest of the team.

“She [Jordan] creates a really cool team environment and everyone on the team feels like a family,” Turovets said. “Without her guidance and all her pep talks [our team] wouldn’t have been as close.”

Turovets’s dedication to the sport has only been supported by Jordan’s insight. She’s able to provide specific advice based on the situation that they are in, positive or negative.  

Elizaveta Turovets gets ready to serve to begin a game against CCA. Turovets expressed that Jordan gives good pep talks before games. (Photo taken by Austin Jew)

“Coach Betsy gives us really motivational pep talks before games and she’s always there for all of us at any point at our practices and match games,” Turovets said. “She’s really supportive and she’s always there if a specific serve isn’t working that’s making me frustrated or a specific shot, she’s always there to provide any advice that helps me moving forward.”

Freshman tennis player Leila Felicity Young also has a close relationship with Jordan. She emphasizes how Jordan is able to assist and improve how she plays. 

“She’s always encouraging and very inspiring to me every day whether it is in practice or in matches,” Young said. “She’s very understanding, very encouraging, and very positive, for example, even though you might be playing your worst tennis she will still find ways to make up some tips to help your tennis in the future.” 

The girls tennis team this year has exceeded Jordan’s expectations.

“Our girls are successful when they win and lose with grace,” Jordan said. “I have had coaches tell me that our girls are not only talented, they are also nice. Getting accolades from the competition is amazing.”