Kim Kardashian Continues to Stay Iconic in a Black Fabric Outfit at the Met Gala

Photographers snap photos of Kim’s mysterious look. She stunned the crowd with her bold, move. (Photo Taken From

While Emma Chamberlain wore a Louis Vuiton, gold, sequined dress and Kendall Jenner wore an elegant, jeweled dress to the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian settled for an all black suit, covered from head to toe. 

The moment individuals saw this, imagine the confusion and questions that formed in their heads! She kept people guessing and creating their own opinions about her look. 

Was this a joke? How was she following the theme of American Independence? What impact was she trying to make on the millions of people watching her step onto the red carpet?

Memes circulate about Kim Kardashian’s outfit, calling her things such as a dementor and a black cat. She gets criticized no matter what she puts on. (Photo Taken From

Memes on Twitter started circulating about Kim’s outfit and what point she was trying to get across. People were calling her a “sleep paralysis demon” and a “Harry Potter dementor.”

Kim Kardashian clapped back and posted photos of herself at the Met Gala, captioning “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?” 

After this comment, people were praising her for her brilliance, but the meme kept circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms. Everyone still seemed to have a problem with the look. 

After thousands of hateful comments, Kim Kardashian replied by reposting on her Instagram story with a theory from Ross Anderson, an influencer, that stated, “For someone who is always criticized for being overly sexual, Kim showed that she can cover every square inch of her skin and still find a way to be criticized and ridiculed.”

Anderson was recognized by Kim on Twitter for his opinion. When Anderson got reposted by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram he was surprised.  

“It was wild! I could not believe it really,” Anderson said. “I feel like the idea of her iconic silhouette being so recognizable in American society is quite fun and a great idea,” Anderson said when asked about what he thinks her impact was.

“Her body and lifestyle has created a new generation of American society!” Anderson stated. 

He has never met Kim in person before.

“We have spoken on Twitter before. I’m much more chatty with Khloé. We have a great relationship online and are always tweeting back and forth!” Anderson said.

Steph Do is a girl that went viral on TikTok with a video she made about the Met Gala looks, including Kim Kardashian. She had mixed opinions about Kim Kardashian’s outfit. 

Kim makes history with her look as she poses with Kendall Jenner. “Kendall was calling my name and I couldn’t see who it was but I saw the outline of her sparkly dress,” Kim revealed on her Instagram story. (Photo Taken From

“I feel like it is kinda cancel culture. People will do anything to cancel her. The Met Gala is a huge event and I thought I would make a video about it for humor reasons,” Do said when questioned why her TikTok went viral. 

She was not a fan of her outfit. She explained how iconic Kim is, and she could have followed the theme better, by looking at it at first glance. 

“Kim’s look wasn’t something that stood out or suited the theme. At the first glance of Kim Kardashian, you would think she would go above and beyond with Met Gala looks,” Do stated. “She’s always been so iconic and I expected a lot from her. Even though her body was completely covered in a black fabric from head to toe, she still got criticized and ridiculed. That is kind of American culture.”

Lauren Tranisi, a 14-year old Met Gala fan, was confused by the outfit.

“I didn’t know how it related to the theme. She looked like a statue that was painted black.” 

Kim Kardashian steps on the carpet in a black outfit, covering her face and her entire body. Her silhouette was still easy to recognize, covered in black fabric. (Photo Taken From

She was not a fan of her look and she thought she could have improved it. She stated she would never wear that to the Met and would rather wear something more “Hollywood glam.” 

After looking over her outfit more and thinking about it in depth, she realized  something.

“Her impact was her figure has become such a symbol in American culture and she only had to show her covered up body and people could identify her. She has become such a defined person.” 

All in all, people have mixed opinions about her look. All of the interviewees agreed that at first, they were confused. Once they started to study it more and realize she was trying to make an impact, they gained more respect for her. 

She has become such a symbol of America that even her body covered up, can still be recognized! She might have been trying to prove a point of how powerful she is or how much criticism she gets. We might never know the full meaning of her look, which makes it mysterious and more engaging for the audience to come up with their interpretations.