Labor Day Weekend in Carlsbad

Nadia Razzaq, News & Feature Editor

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  • People wait to cross beneath the Carlsbad Sign. The intersection’s diagonal crossways have proven to be a great help to those looking to get around on foot faster.

  • New Village Arts Theatre displays a sign that hints at a future production coming with the change of seasons. Labor Day marks an end to summer, paving the way to the start of fall and the holiday season,

  • Vinaka Cafe hosts a large breakfast crowd. The coffeehouse’s outdoor deck overlooks the Village Faire courtyard, making for a scenic morning with the sound of ocean waves crashing in the background.

  • Customers spend their Sunday morning at Lofty Carlsbad with conversation over a cup of coffee. The cafe spot is part of the State Street Commons, a renovation project of an antique mall that opened in 2020.

  • People stroll down State Street. The vast strip contains eccentric antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes that appeal to a variety of ages and interests.

  • A rack of clothes at Dollhouse Boutique awaits customers on the side of the street in promotion of Labor Day sales. Summer items are often found on Labor Day sale racks to make room for fall apparel with the arrival of September.

  • Teenagers peruse the jewelry racks at Mystic Dragon. The spiritual gift shop has continued to thrive in the heart of the Carlsbad Village for nearly 35 years.

  • A Star Wars’ Grogu plush greets customers in front of Skylar’s Home & Patio Furniture. Crowds swarmed local shops in search of Labor Day deals and air conditioning to escape the hot weather.

  • A large crowd gathers on the corner of State Street in the afternoon for Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt. The spot can often be found flooded with large crowds of beachgoers and local shoppers.

  • Various plants and flowers bask in the sunlight at Armstrong Gardens Center while a bird rests on a nearby fountain. The garden holds many plants that require intense sunlight which are now on sale as cloudy weather approaches.

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