Taste Of Carlsbad Village Coming Back Better Than Ever

An array of experiences at the Taste of Carlsbad event before the COVID-19 pandemic. Taste of Carlsbad hopes to host their 2021 event as COVID-19 cases decline.

Photo Courtesy of Christine Davis

An array of experiences at the Taste of Carlsbad event before the COVID-19 pandemic. Taste of Carlsbad hopes to host their 2021 event as COVID-19 cases decline.

Malea Williams, Social Media & Photo Editor

Carlsbad Village, an area of gathering and happiness.  The smell of Vigilucci’s seafood and steakhouse lingers in the streets as you stand in line to get a huge Handles ice cream cone. Sounds of children laughing and waves crashing all mesh to create a peaceful environment.   

The Carlsbad Village is home to many striving food artists.  There are a plethora of options ranging from Mexican cuisine to fancy Italian eateries and everything in between. 

A pulled pork, Park 101 slider awaits to be devoured by a food entrepreneur. Each restaurant supplies small bite-sized foods to give the attendees a taste of their restaurant. ( Photo Courtesy of Christine Davis)

“Carlsbad Village has nearly 100 restaurants of all types, from fast [and] casual to elegant dining. Many people outside of the local area are not aware of our extensive dining scene,” Carlsbad Village Association Executive Director, Christine Davis said.  

The Taste of Carlsbad Village is an event where food entrepreneurs get to walk around to taste foods from 38 local restaurants and 12 different adult “sip spots.”  Everyone starts by receiving a food passport that guides visitors through different restaurants adding to the overall experience.  

“When they arrive, they are greeted by the manager or owner or other staff member, are told about the specialty bite they are about to sample and are given that restaurant’s fare,” Davis said, “It might be a small bowl of lobster chowder or ceviche or it could be a mini slider or piece of flatbread pizza.”

There are many different options for many different kinds of eaters.  Although COVID-19 had paused the event due to gathering, hopefully with case numbers getting smaller and more being vaccinated they’ll be able to make a strong comeback in October.  Even though COVID-19 isn’t gone, the Taste of Carlsbad is eager for a strong return.   

“We are awaiting County guidelines but since it is always held the second Thursday in October, we feel that by this coming October we will be able to host the event,” Davis said, “ It might be smaller than previous years with a different way of delivering or presenting the ‘sample bite’ at each restaurant [e.g., individually versus self serve from a tray] but we anticipate hosting it again this year unless told otherwise.”

Zac Ramos, junior, had attended the Taste of Carlsbad event before the COVID-19 pandemic began.  He went with his family and enjoyed the different varieties of food and drinks. 

Three women attending the event hold up their passports. The passports were maps of Carlsbad Village the attendees followed to get the best experience. (Photo Courtesy of Christine Davis)

“My experience at the event was [that it’s] a good way to see more of Carlsbad, [and] being somewhat new to Carlsbad,…only living [here] 4 years now…it was good to see a lot of good varieties of food and new places to try,” Ramos said.

The Taste of Carlsbad Village is a family-friendly environment.  There are many different food and drink options that accommodate all. 

“There are also freestanding beverage locations that serve Kombucha and specialty sodas and flavored waters to all attendees regardless of ticket type as well as water stations,” Davis said. 

The Taste of Carlsbad also gives attendees the opportunity to taste foods they might not normally be able to afford.  With a price of $35 to $45 visitors can roam around beautiful sunny Carlsbad and get to taste samples of meals and different drinks that could range up to around $35 per meal. Also, the $45 ticket includes alcohol tasting.   

To stay updated on the reopening plan and ticket sales for the Taste of Carlsbad, follow the Carlsbad Village Association on Instagram and Facebook.