All Sports Happening At Once: From Nothing To Everything

By the end of summer 2020, many were discussing the return to school, sports, and trying to return to our “normal” lives pre-COVID. Although, in Southern California, COVID took precedence over school and sports.  


Sophomore Aaron Speirs goes up for a block. With limited gym space Varsity, JV and Frosh teams have to practice all together.

On March 13, 2020, Sage Creek students and staff left school into an abyss of confusion and fear. Unbeknownst to students at the time, California is still in a mask-wearing, socially distanced world a year later.  

By the end of summer 2020, many were discussing the return to school, sports, and trying to return to our “normal” lives pre-COVID-19. Although, in Southern California, COVID-19 took precedence over school and sports.  

For months on end, students and parents promoted the words “let them play” and in February 2021 they were finally heard.  Nearly a year later high school sports were re-instated. A total of 19 sports began in a span from February 1-March 1, in the San Diego CIF section. 

“Tryouts went pretty well, I’d say playing with masks is definitely different than normal, like it’s harder to catch your breath but I think once you play more you’ll get used to it,” JV boys volleyball player, Palmer Benson said.

This year all indoor sports have to comply with weekly testing and wearing masks when tolerable to be able to play games against other schools. The issue of wearing masks is different for everyone, some don’t see a difference while others find it hard to breathe which causes some to constantly need breaks. This is just one of the challenges many athletes are being faced with this year. 

“For me, it was a little bit of a rocky start with all of the COVID precautions and such, but now that the season has started it feels pretty normal the only difference is having to wear masks which in golf since we’re not doing a lot of physical activity it’s not that bad,” Varsity girls Golfer, Mia Stantz said.

Athletic Trainer Brady Rice and Athletic Director Andrea Williams are standing beside the field as Boys Soccer takes on Canyon Crest Academy. With all sports happening at once it takes a lot of support and supervision from all administrators on campus.

Although this season has brought many obstacles and challenges it has brought back the joy of high school athletics.  

“It’s always nice seeing the girls from last year that you haven’t talked to in a while, especially since COVID,” Stantz said.

Having sports back has livened up the Bobcat Community and parents are getting to experience it as well.

“Our spectator guidelines are based on the guidance by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), We are currently allowing two immediate household members per student-athlete. We are looking forward to new guidance that will allow us to welcome back more of our Bobcat Community,” Athletic Director, Andrea Williams said.  


As the COVID restrictions lessen, more bobcats will get to experience the “normalcy” at Sage Creek. CIF continues to work together with athletic directors and districts around the county in efforts of creating more opportunities for student-athletes.