Schuveiller’s True Passion


Dylan Blackman

Jesse Schuveiller keeps a flag of his home country, Australia, up to remind him of where he came from.

Dylan Blackman, Staff Writer

Prior to coming to Sage, Jesse Schuveiller dedicated himself to education and has hit his stride. Through a rigorous journey filled with insight and challenges, Schuveiller is here for the future success of Sage Creek High School.

His journey began in Australia, an environment filled with adventure and surf culture that shaped his lifestyle. At 10-years-old, he packed up and moved to California where he eventually would have a high school experience filled with strong mentorship and guidance from his teachers. It was here, where Schuveiller discovered his passion for the educational system, especially in writing and reading.

After completing high school, he searched for success in a different passion, sports. The athletic lifestyle he enjoyed in Australia drove him to the sport of baseball where he landed a job with the San Francisco Giants, in the marketing department.

“I really enjoyed it and it was fun, but at the end of the day I felt unfulfilled,” Schuveiller reflected. He didn’t know it at the time, but his passion for helping others was tugging at him.

Feeling lost, Schuveiller made the decision to travel back to San Diego and meet up with some of his old teachers. People who once helped him through some of his hardest times were now his peers. Schuveiller felt as if it was his calling to work with kids and offer them the same mentorship he was given at an early age.

He describes his skill for education as “a natural affinity for working with others and helping others” and this pursuit of higher education brought him to a teaching job at La Costa Canyon High School. It was here, where he was able to combine the two things he loved, teaching English and coaching baseball.

After teaching at La Costa for a number of years, an opportunity to be a vice principal at Sage Creek High School crossed his path and Schuveiller jumped at the chance. Sage presents a new and unique environment for Schuveiller; it’s a place where education was held with light. He’s had a warm start here and has been welcomed lovingly by the students and staff. To him, Sage is “a place where the passion exudes from the staff in regards to what they’re trying to do to support students.”