Week In Photos 1/4/20-1/8/20

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  • An a-frame chalkboard outside Trader Joe’s located in Bressi Ranch Village warns shoppers that they must wear a mask at all times inside the store. As of June 18, 2020 the state of California has been under a mask mandate causing citizens to wear a facial covering when in public places.

  • The line to enter Trader Joe’s in Bressi Ranch Village this week. Since our county has been placed back into the purple tier restaurants and stores have to limit their capacity to 25%.

  • An Amazon purchase getting dropped off at the UPS store in Oceanside, Cali. after the holiday season. Many people are returning items that they were gifted or bought themselves that they no longer need.

  • The Carlsbad Village glows on Thursday evening as the day ends with a beautiful sunset. Even though the pandemic has forced citizens to stay safe indoors, many people can still enjoy the magnificent sunsets safely on the beach.

  • A restaurant in the Carlsbad Village displays a sign noting their “constitutionally protected right to peacefully protest while serving food and beverage.” Many restaurants in the Village have stayed open amidst state shutdown orders in an effort to save their business and the jobs of their employees.

  • An eerie fog settles over Carlsbad State Beach on Thursday evening. Fog has caused hazardous driving conditions throughout the week (most prominently on Jan. 7) but has also caused unique sunsets in Carlsbad.

  • Kids and students are practicing sports again. Having fun and getting healthy yet still high at risk of the global pandemic.

  • People in the Carlsbad community meet at the driving range to golf. Golfing is a sport widely enjoyed during the pandemic, as it is outdoors and naturally abides by social distancing guidelines.

  • A woman is walking her dog across the street of Carlsbad. Even with all the dangers of heading outside, some have found safe forms to keep themselves and their dogs healthy.

  • Two Carlsbad citizens are walking their dog across the street. With all the time people are spending at home, a simple walk can assist people’s mental health.

  • The airport is empty during the New Year. The lack of people has allowed for quicker and less risky traveling.

  • Two men are drinking in a local bar. Restaurants and other attractions have reopened, causing swarms of people to go back to their old normal.

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Samuel Daher, Malea Williams, and Becca Petty