The Price for Tickets Are Scarier Than the Attractions


Gavin Graff, Staff Writer

Scream Zone in Del Mar is a great way to get a quick scare in during the month of October. However, here’s something that might scare you even more than the haunted houses: the ticket prices.

This month-long event has two haunted houses, Karnevil and the House of Horror along with one ride, The Haunted Hayride, made to make a grown man scream.

To get into one of the haunted houses, it will cost $19 dollars. To get into two of them, it’s $24, and to get into everything, it’ll cost you a whopping $33 per person (not include food, drinks, or any souvenirs). They also have fast passes for those that are too impatient to wait in line; another $10-$20 out of your pocket. Even worse, some of the activities are restricted to adults only making it less enjoyable for children. And of course, it is even more money.

Since there are only three attractions, you could easily spend $50 dollars on something you are going to enjoy for about 30 minutes. But you could stay for much more than 30 minutes during the weekend because of long lines as it took me about an hour to get into the House of Horror.

The Attractions:

The Haunted Hayride is probably the least stressful and most friendly of the three attractions. A tractor halls you and about 20 other individuals around the North side of the horse race track through old buildings. In between the building are little worlds that you drive through. Each of them have their own theme and set of actors that try to jump out and scare you. Although this might seem frightening, the actors make some hilarious comments and make multiple movie references along the way. The only issue is that the wait times can range from 15 minutes to an hour. This is my second favorite of them all. 3.5/5

Karnevil is by far the worst attraction at the event. It starts off with a maze filled with clowns that laugh at you while you try to find the exit. The only other room that really stands out is the spinning wall room. It is a cylinder shaped room that spins around trying to make you feel nauseous and disoriented. Though unlike last year, it did not have any affect on me or any other of my friends that went with me. They need to definitely make some changes to make this enjoyable. As I said in the beginning, this is my least favorite attraction of them all. 1/5

The House of Horror in contrast, is by far the best and scariest attraction of them all. In it, contains dozens of terrifying rooms filled with terrifying actors, amazing visuals, and many movie references. My favorite room was the the church because you could never tell which characters were real and which ones were fake. Although it didn’t scare me as much as it did when I was younger, some of these characters will definitely follow you into your nightmares. By far my favorite attraction in the entire event. 5/5

For those of you that want to go with your friends but don’t want to be scared badly, I would recommend getting the double haunt package that includes Karnevil and the Haunted Hayride. For the ones that want to be terrified, I would buy the triple haunt and experience everything. Although you could just buy a single ticket to get into the House of Horror and finish at that, $19 dollars for that just is not worth it.

But no matter the price of the tickets, it is definitely something you need to experience once in your life. It is not about getting a quick scare in before the month ends, it is for the experience and the time you spend with your friends.