To Choose or Not to Choose: Why Company-Specific Streaming Services are Bad


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A young boy enjoys a DVD film. Before streaming services were created, many children used DVDS so they could watch their favorite films.

Kyla Smith, Staff Reporter

Since COVID-19 spread across the world rapidly, it changed the daily lives of humans dramatically, many people have needed a way to cope. In these times of dire need, Netflix and other streaming services have come to the rescue. However, not all streaming services are the heroes people make them out to be.

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Although streaming services have HD quality and allow access to many popular shows and movies, there are many faults at hand.

First of all, one cannot use streaming services without strong internet connection. Using popular services such as Netflix without internet connection results in faulty connection and slow-loading content, whereas purchased content, such as DVDs, does not require internet at all.

In addition, many people nowadays complain about the wide abundance of streaming services, and the fact that not all streaming services offer the exact content they’re looking for. Having a large abundance of services can result in many different problems!

In fact, a study conducted by UTA IQ found that 70% of people agreed that there are far too many streaming options. It also states that 67% of customers felt that switching between services was an unnecessary hassle. Intriguingly, 45% of customers complained that it was quite difficult to find what they needed using these services. Having to switch between services is completely unrealistic and unnecessary, seen as all services should offer access to any film or show.

A frustrated woman stares at a loading webpage on her laptop in annoyance. Many people face this same dilemma each day when using streaming services on faulty wifi.
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However, there are more dangerous things to be concerned about related to streaming services. Something serious to consider is the fact that high prices and other troubles related to streaming services can result in piracy and use of pirated content.

A survey conducted in the UK brought awareness to the fact that piracy rates may increase if streaming content was spread around services at extremely high prices. 18% of those surveyed admitted that they had indeed used content pirated by illegal streams and sites. This is extremely unsafe, seen as unsecured websites can cause devices to be inflicted with viruses. If companies’ prices weren’t unreasonably high, many people wouldn’t rely on illegal websites to provide them with the content they desire. Streaming companies’ prices are extremely high, and this must change.

Most people probably don’t take time to think about the cons of company-specific streaming services. However,  if one were to look deeply into the issue, they’ll notice the fact that waiting for films to load can get quite tedious, the fact that they can’t find their favorite TV show on the service available to them, or even the fact that they’re watching more free pirated films than actual films from their streaming service due to these inconvenient components. There are many faults to streaming services that one may not notice at first glance. If they’d just take a quick look into the truth, they’d realize that not everything is as perfect as it seems.