Summer’s Still in Style

Elena Trask and Bailey Hughes

It may be fall, but summer’s still here. With temperatures reaching up to 103 degrees the last few weeks, summer styles are still in! Trends such as button-down skirts, Birkenstocks and flowy pants have become quite fashionable and are in high-demand.

Button Down Skirts


This up-and-coming trend is becoming popular among teenage girls everywhere. A simple short a-line skirt with buttons going down the middle is a perfect staple for anyone’s wardrobe. Whether it is worn with a basic tee for a summer look or dressed up with a sweater and booties for a fall look, this skirt is versatile and can be worn at anytime of the year, at least for Southern California residents. This modern skirt can be found at most retail stores such as Brandy Melville and Forever 21 to more expensive stores such as Zara and Topshop, with prices varying from around $15 to $50.  




This new trendy sandal option is taking the fashion world by storm. With the classic two-strap style to one-strap and even clogs, they carry something for everyone. Birkenstocks range from $69.95 to $145.00, so there really is a price range for everyone. These urban inspired sandals put a fashionable spin on classic flip flops and can be worn with almost anything. Wear a pair of these for a fashion-forward look.



Flowy Pants


Flowy Pants became trendy in the 70s and since fashion has been known to repeat itself it is no doubt that these pants came back into style. People love anything that’s comfy, but when it also looks cute, that’s a bonus. Plus, if you can wear what you wore to bed the night before, the victory is even sweeter. These pants can be purchased at an array of stores ranging anywhere from $8 to $35, at stores such as Forever 21 and Tilly’s. Whether they are worn with a regular t-shirt or a sweater, flowy pants are a trend that does not seem to be disappearing any time soon.