11/9/2020-11/13/2020 Week In Photos

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  • Community members at Aviara Park have reverted back to their old lives. Allowing their children to socialize and have fun after a long period of boredom.

  • Freshmen have been exercising, working hard, and adapting to the remote online learning PE. It can be difficult but PE students have continued to persevere through these hard times.

  • It appears to be a late evening on the Batiquitos Lagoon, when in reality it is only 5 o’clock. Daylight savings has made it so that our days start earlier and end sooner.

  • Drama students Emma Linejoy, Hannah Katz, Luca Stapleton and C.J. Cryan posing after their afternoon theatre practice. They all are masked up and maintaining social distancing.

  • Athletic Director, Andrea Williams helps student Jack Donnelley as he submits his athletic clearance forms for the fall season. Williams had a table set up and stayed masked up as she assisted students so that they can participate in their athletic extracurriculars.

  • November rolls around but it seems like December with many excited for Christmas. Calavera Hills Community is already seeing lights get hung and families getting in the holiday cheer.

  • This weekend brought the first rain of November and left a beautiful sky. Blue skies, clouds, and crisp air all this week making it feel like fall has begun.

  • A small group of men are gathered in prayer during sunrise while two Sage Creek freshmen head out to surf. Despite the weather getting colder, surfers still enjoy the winter swells.

  • Students and families around Aviara Park are practicing their usual sports again. They have enjoyed and practiced together despite the safety precautions.

  • Many people play video games to cope with the hardships of remote learning and the stress of the pandemic. Students have developed new skills with puzzles, coordination, and more while playing.

  • A student walks down the stadium stairs to his track for off-season workout. Coach Kung is his coach and they continue to train on the daily with Wednesday’s off.

  • Calavera Hills gives us such beautiful scenery during sunset. Make sure to go outside to get some fresh air and an awesome sunset.

  • Quarantine has freed up many people’s time, given them more creative ideas. Since Thanksgiving is coming around, try making this succulent pumpkin!

  • People walk by and view the mural on the side of Sleeping Tiger Coffees that was painted by Michael Summers, a contemporary pop surrealist painter and muralist. The mural adds color and creativity to Carlsbad Boulevard as people walk by.

  • Students continue to work hard to learn and develop new skills during Distanced Learning 2.0. Many high schoolers have struggled with the challenges of online school however every challenge leaves an opportunity to grow.

  • People prepare for a pleasant evening walk at the Carlsbad Pumpkin Patch. The sunset and twinkling string lights added to the calm of the evening while people walked around getting in the holiday mood.

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