Los Angeles Sports Teams Win World Championships in 2020

Erik Larsen, Staff Reporter

Through all of the events that have slowed down 2020, not one of them has slowed down Los Angeles sports teams on their route to winning national titles.

Los Angeles Dodgers Securing First Championship Since 1988. Celebrating As They Beat the Tampa Bay Rays in a Best of Seven Series.

With both LA teams projected to be dominant forces in 2020, they certainly lived up to the hype by being two of the best teams within their respective leagues.

Both teams were seemingly dominant while taking the league by storm. The Dodgers’ record was a 43-17 while the Lakers remained at a strong 52-19 throughout the main stretch of the year. 

Despite both teams taking home the gold, they each had very similar rosters from previous years where both teams had fallen short of a championship. Major additions were made to both teams to finally secure their titles with the Dodgers acquiring superstar Mookie Betts and Lakers acquiring superstar Anthony Davis.

“We’ve had the same core group, for the most part, since I’ve been up in the big leagues. We’re so close as a group, and it’s such a good feeling to finally close it out with these guys.”  Cody Bellinger said of the Dodgers after falling short in three of the past four consecutive seasons. 

Lakers superstar, Lebron James wearing specialized Kobe Bryant uniform. James payed tribute to a fellow Lakers legend

“Kobe, I know he’s looking down on us super proud.” Davis said on the Lakers bringing a championship back to Los Angeles in memory of Kobe Bryant.

“Job done.” Lebron James words after bringing home the title.