A New Influx of COVID Cases Might Lock Us Down Again

Duke Donnelley, Staff Reporter

While there are still many facilities that people use today and used to use on a regular basis in their formerly normal lives, it is common knowledge that closures and restrictions have been put into place on going certain places and doing certain things in the hopes that it will help slow the spread of COVID-19. Some of these places we went to were for our education or entertainment, museums and visitor centers for public parks, and some places were for citizens’ active well-being, like pools and beaches.

A medical assistant holds a swab after testing a man on at new COVID-19 testing facilities in Boston. With 88,500 new coronavirus cases, new testing facilities are being put around the country.According to CNBC, “The U.S. reported more than 88,500 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, [October 29] a record daily high since the beginning of the pandemic”.
While many, if not all, of these places have reopened, there is a chance that they may be more heavily restricted or closed down again with this new increase in COVID-19 cases that came with this October.

According to the official graph for COVID cases from the WHO, confirmed new cases within the US have increased dramatically within the last month, and we have seen another spike in new cases within the past 2 weeks.

Other countries have already started revving up the lockdown generator once again.

“…countries across Europe that have prompted new, stringent lockdown measures on their businesses. Germany on Wednesday announced a “light lockdown,” with bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and theaters to close. France said it would adopt a second nationwide lockdown beginning Friday, ordering people to leave their homes only for essential purposes” stated us news.

Citizens walk with masks down Germany streets. Cases are on the rise once again and Germany braces itself for another “light” lockdown.

My take: this knowledge, along with the memories of those dark, lonely months of complete and total self-isolation fresh in our minds, we have to prepare for the worst. It’s likely that we’re going to experience another mass shutdown of state and local facilities, as well as restaurants and movie theatres, once again. 

With this new information, it is imperative that students prepare for another round of sitting inside feeling empty. Go outside and exercise while you can. Surfers go surf. Skaters go skate. Go use gyms while they‘re still open. Go outside while you can before everything is set back to square 1.